Mark Davis: Josh McDaniels is “doing a fantastic job”

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
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On Sunday, the Raiders lost to the Colts 25-20 to fall to 2-7 on the season.

It was a loss so bad that Derek Carr — the team’s franchise quarterback since 2014 — was overcome with emotion at his postgame press conference and questioned the effort of some of his teammates.

Las Vegas entered the season with high expectations after making the postseason at 10-7 last year, hiring Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler to run the football operation, and making a series of high-profile moves like trading for Davante Adams. So, entering Week 11 ostensibly out of the postseason race is a disappointment.

But that’s not the vibe team owner Mark Davis gave off in comments to Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Monday.

“I like Josh. I think he’s doing a fantastic job. That’s why I hired him,” Davis said. “We did an exhaustive search and found the person we believe is going to bring the Raiders to greatness.”

A fantastic job?

“As far as Josh goes, I have no issues,” Davis said. “I’m getting to know him a lot better. When you sign someone to a contract, don’t you expect him to fulfill the contract?”

McDaniels is in the first season of a four-year contract. Davis was asked if he feels McDaniels is the long-term answer at head coach and replied, “Why wouldn’t I?”

Davis noted Las Vegas is in the beginning stages of building its team.

“Life isn’t static. It’s fluid,” Davis said. “You want to win at the end of the year and be the one holding the trophy. Obviously, we’re not there yet. I know it’s frustrating for the fan base. I feel for them. I’m a fan as well.”

But as Davis says the club is building and the head coach is doing a fantastic job, it’s worth noting that Las Vegas is one of two teams in the entire NFL with two or fewer wins. And after giving the Bengals all they could handle in the Wild Card round in January, the Raiders’ offseason moves didn’t indicate the team thought 2022 would be a “building” year.

Davis’ vote of confidence isn’t unheard of, especially in the midst of a tough first season for a new head coach. It makes sense for Davis to say that he trusts the process McDaniels and Ziegler have implemented.

But to tell everyone McDaniels is “doing a fantastic job” the day after the Raiders lost to Jeff Saturday’s Colts? That misses the mark.

68 responses to “Mark Davis: Josh McDaniels is “doing a fantastic job”

  1. Either Mark Davis is completely oblivious, or this is a classic case of “owner’s vote of confidence” the week before a head coach gets fired. I’m hoping for the latter, but the former isn’t outside the realm of possibility. God help Raider Nation.

  2. This owner clearly has a vision. Good for him. His faith in Josh, if it remains unwavering, will be rewarded in due time.

  3. First mistake was canning the coach who got you to 10-7 in the first place, and instead hiring a failed former head coach.

  4. Like I’ve been saying, McDaniels is going nowhere at least until next season.

    Mark is the most cash poor owner in the league and has received tons of financing from the city of Las Vegas which he still has to pay back. He’s not paying 3 different head coaches in one year.

  5. Josh Mc Daniels is doing a fantastic job!! Translation: One more loss and he’s history!!

  6. I’ve had Mark’s back through this whole thing but I guess it’s probably time for him to sell the Raiders!

  7. We’ll, I have to strongly disagree with Mark’s assessment of the job his new coach is doing, it looks more like the job he did in Denver that got him fired !!! I truly hope he knows more about what’s going on than me !!!!

  8. It’s not that bad. He just lost at home to a team coached by a TV analyst who started a 37 year old QB that hadn’t played in weeks. It’s fine. Nothing to see here.

  9. Disaster. That is all there is to say. Maybe they wont whiff on whatever First round pick they get in next years draft for once.

  10. Davis is stuck with McDaniel’s, he’s already paying Chucky a fortune to sit home, he’s not going to pay 3 head coaches at once.
    Bowl cut has destroyed a once great franchise.

  11. Mark Davis, conducting the interview while standing the the pouring rain, went on to say “I have zero issues with Josh McDaniels, just like I have zero issues with this warm, sunny day.”

  12. Pretty tough to be holding the trophy at the end of the year when you’re 2-7 and won’t be in the playoffs.

  13. The only way he is doing a fantastic job is if he was told to tank every game for a high draft pick. Otherwise Mark Davis is smoking some good stuff.

  14. Please! At least show some disappointment or pledge that you and he can and will do better! Your dad would have already fired him! Unreal!

  15. They play AND LOSE too many close games for the talent to be worthless. McD needs to coach better to get more out of the team – its as simple as that. They also seem to “waste” a lot of downs – don’t know how many times they are in third and long.

  16. Let’s not forget, the Raiders Super Bowl is coming up in a few weeks when the Patriots come to town. If they lose horribly, the prospects for McDaniels won’t look good, especially if the team struggles early next season. If they win, it will buy him a longer second season look.

  17. He’s basically saying I don’t have the money to pay 2 fired coaches and another HC so he’s gotta say that lol McDaniels vs Hackett battle for 3rd place in the AFC west lol….

  18. Bye Carr. McDaniels may fail, but he didn’t shop for Carr and Davis doesnt want his contract anymore. Get a first rounder, give JMcD a year or two to make him a franchise qB. I guarantee you Adams is not gonna stand for Carr. But the reality is Mayock sucked at drafting. Rebuild.

  19. You can support your coach without blatantly lying about how the season is going. He is obviously not doing a “fantastic job” if you’re 2-7 with a top 3 pick pending in the 2023 NFL Draft.

  20. Bubble boy Davis has lived such a sheltered, privileged life he doesn’t have to answer to anyone or think logically. He can just do whatever he wants and bsed on how many Raiders jerseys he’s selling, it seems like he’s right. The only thing that will stop this insanity is for fans to stop buying season tickets and merchandise.

  21. How did the team go from being in the playoffs last year and adding Adams to becoming a rebuild team??

  22. LGB Community says:
    November 14, 2022 at 3:47 pm

    Irsay said the same thing about Reich

    Difference is, that up until this year, Reich WAS doing a great job.

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