Mike McCarthy: I thought we needed to go for it in OT, just didn’t convert

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
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One of the biggest decisions in Sunday’s games was the one that Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy made in overtime at Lambeau Field.

The Cowboys had a fourth-and-three at the Packers’ 35-yard-line and McCarthy opted to go for it rather than try a field goal that would have put his team up by three points. Quarterback Dak Prescott threw an incompletion while under pressure and the Packers drove for a game-winning field goal of their own.

After the game, McCarthy noted two penalties that halted the Cowboys’ momentum and said he was “very, very, very frustrated” by those developments while standing by the decision to try for the first down.

“We were right on the line for a field goal,” McCarthy said, via Todd Archer of ESPN.com. “Hey, to be honest with you, I thought we needed to go for it. I mean I called it on second down, especially with the way the game was going. Big play, penalty. Big play, penalty. Big play, penalty. So our thing was just keep playing. We had good calls. I’m fine with the decision obviously on fourth-and-3. Just didn’t convert.”

The failure to convert helped make it an unhappy return to Lambeau Field for McCarthy and set the stage for a much-needed Packers win.

15 responses to “Mike McCarthy: I thought we needed to go for it in OT, just didn’t convert

  1. I think it was the right move. Packers moved the ball right down the field and would gotten a TD either way. FG wasn’t going to do anything.

  2. Funny, if he’d have been on the one yard line he’d have no problem kicking the field goal.

  3. One of the most undisciplined teams in the league every week. Don’t tell Jimmy Johnson who called the 2022 Cowboys the best Cowboys team he’s ever seen and thinks they are better than the Eagles and rest of NFC.

    My question is, doesn’t it get old hyping up the Cowboys who haven’t won anything in 25 years? Every year its : Cowboys are great going to win the SB -> Cowboys don’t win a playoff game -> repeat.

    JJ picked a bad week to post his Cowboys love letter with them losing to a team on a 5 game losing streak.

  4. Kellen Moore and Mike McCarthy both need to be fired

    Dak is not worth 25 million a year

    Zeke needs to be released at the end of the year

    Lawrence needs to take a massive pay cut or be released

    Sean Payton needs to be handed a blank paycheck and complete control

    Jerry and his clown son need to sit down and shut up

  5. Mike McCarthy hasn’t changed and will never change. The problems that cost the Cowboys the playoffs last year are still as prevalent as ever. Frankly, he’s just not a good coach.

  6. I would have kicked the FG. I always felt this Packers team was built for the 23 season and depending on how they did would determine if they brought Rodgers back in 24 or trade him.
    Doubbs & Watson have a chance to be good. It would be nice if they could go on a run and finish above .500.

  7. Terrible Clock Management in this game and coaching with emotion cost the Cowboys a shot at a win they didn’t deserve based on the way they played this game!

  8. Cowboys are a soft weak minded team of quitters you can’t just show up go thru the motions and expect to win.

  9. Brett Maher is 4/6 with field goals from 50 yards or longer this year.
    This is just Mike McCarthy continuing his tradition of losing winnable games in Green Bay.

  10. malcomreynolds says:
    Brett Maher is 4/6 with field goals from 50 yards or longer this year.
    He kicks in the Jerry Dome.

  11. Cowboys collectively looked stunned when the Packers came back to tie. They thought the game was put away and once it got tied they never got themselves reset on either side of the ball.

  12. Blame McCarthy all you want,… but it was DAK who threw those back breaking interceptions. Not McCarthy.

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