Odell Beckham, Jr. sues Nike for more than $20 million

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Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly will seek an NFL contract worth a prorated $20 million for the balance of the season. He wants the full $20 million, and more, from Nike.

Via TMZ.com, Beckham sued Nike for more than $20 million. The problem traces to a decision by Nike to exercise a right of first refusal in 2017, matching an offer Beckham received from Adidas. Then, in 2022, Nike allegedly began to withhold money from Beckham based on alleged technical violations of his agreement via the footwear and gloves he used in games.

Beckham alleges, among other things, that Nike failed to pay more than $2 million that was due in March 2022.

Beckham has issued a statement on Twitter regarding the situation. He says that he’s pursuing the action to “set a precedent” that will protect other athletes from contractual shenanigans.

While the facts remain to be determined, it’s not crazy to think that Nike regrets a deal done at the height of his popularity. Since 2017, Beckham hasn’t had quite the same sizzle that he did early in his career.

So it’s entirely possible that Nike developed remorse, and that Nike decided to aggressively rely on fine print in the contract.

If Beckham’s rights are being violated, he should be taking action. And if other players have their rights violated by their shoe and apparel partners, they should take action, too. The Nikes of the world don’t hesitate to mobilize the lawyers whenever their rights are compromised, in any way. Players shouldn’t hesitate, either.

26 responses to “Odell Beckham, Jr. sues Nike for more than $20 million

  1. Good luck OBJ! Excited to see OBJ return this year. Would love to see him with the Chiefs working with Mahomes.

  2. I’m betting Nike’s corporate lawyers are better than OBJs.

    And I’ll bet someone in marketing is seriously regretting having suggested signing an agreement with OBJ.

  3. Big corporations talk all kinds of woke BS but they run these things like Mr.Burns from the Simpsons! I have no trouble believing they manipulated the contracts to avoid paying. I hope he wins eff Nike…. the evil empire of sports.

  4. I know I would have ran out and bought Nike football gloves if OBJ would have worn them in games.

  5. I’m taking the stand for all oft-injured athletes to sue any sponsor when your body fails you!

  6. Contract most likely included wearing Nike apparel and equipment. Technicality was probably because OBJ decided to put different designs or cover up the Nike logo. And if that’s the case then OBJ doesn’t deserve a single penny.

  7. chicagopacker says:

    He should just show up unannounced tomorrow at the headquarters of Skechers.


  8. Can’t blame OBJ for Mayfield’s shortcomings. Dave Gettleman got the karma he deserved for doing that trade. He’ll forever be remembered in New York as one of the worst GMs of all time. He is to GMs what Richie Kotite is to coaches.

  9. It’s insane to me that everyone is commenting in favor of Nike, the multi billion dollar corporation screwing over a millionaire. You don’t have to love OBJ but he’s the David here, not the Goliath.

  10. I despise NIKE, and personally I haven’t cared much of OBJs constant DIVA act. It is doubtful that NIKE didn’t have their actions covered in the contract language. This isn’t their first rodeo. As for OBjs next football contract, good luck getting amyone one to pay you on a pro-rated 20 million contract. He isn’t a vet minimum case, but he is far from having top dollar leverage.

  11. First 3 years in the league: 4,122 yards and 35 TDs. One of the best starts to a career in NFL history.

    Next 5 years in the league, 3,245 yards and 21 TDs. Incredibly average. and it’s only going downhill from year after multiple injuries.

  12. As an attorney told me just last week, anyone can take your case and claim to go after someone aggressively, but that doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to always file suit. You could end up worse off for doing so. That applies here! Nike’s attorney’s are going to devour him like a den of lions!

  13. Whether you like/hate OBJ, this guy made the 1st TD in the SB last year and whomever signs him is looking for just that one catch , another one play 2 play guy who you MUST cover!

  14. Nike’s lawyers are on retainer, getting paid regardless…OBJ’s lawyers, not so much, they only get paid if OBJ agrees to sue. OBJ being taken for a cash-only ride by his attorney’s.

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