Report: Cooper Kupp has high ankle sprain

Rams vs Cardinals
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On Sunday night, a report emerged that Rams receiver Cooper Kupp avoided the worst-case scenario regarding his ankle injury. Which invited speculation as to what the worst-case scenario would have been.

Worst-case or not, it’s not good.

Adam Schefter of reports that Kupp has a high ankle sprain. A source familiar with the prognosis said it “doesn’t sound good.”

So it doesn’t sound good. But it’s not a worst-case scenario. Which apparently means: (1) he’ll continue to live; and (2) he may not be playing football for a while.

It’s horrible news for the Rams, who are having a worst-case scenario season. Yes, they won the Super Bowl last year. But the bill is coming due sooner than anyone ever would have expected.

15 responses to “Report: Cooper Kupp has high ankle sprain

  1. They’ll have early picks in rounds 2 and 3 to help kickstart the rebuild. The good news is they only need a new offensive line, HB, QB and a defense.

  2. The bill may be due but the “F them picks” and aggressive all-in approach worked for them. They won the Super Bowl which was the goal. Many teams would have taken that deal with that outcome then. The majority of teams would make that same deal NOW if that was the outcome.

  3. Unfortunate news for such a talented dude. He will undoubtedly be back after rehab to continue as the upper echelon of pro WRs

  4. Yep…we Lions fans (while not wishing injury on anybody…we’re classy fans) are just fine with the Rams falling far and giving us that nice, juicy draft pick. Hope Kupp’s injury (and Stafford’s concussion) aren’t too serious. And that they keep losing.

  5. That’s it. Bye bye

    Snead…One of the worst GMs in modern history. The guy wasted more draft picks and only got 1 ring, barely winning on a gift penalty.

    6+ weeks on high ankle sprains for skill position players.

  6. Being a Seahawk fan I have a huge “sports hatred” for the Rams. But yet I hate to see any player go down and especially one that has the skills Kupp does. Hope he heals up quickly and fully before he tries playing again.

  7. They’re lucky Tartt dropped that gift Int. Otherwise they’d really be up the creek. But give them credit. They got a Championship. Most teams would kill for that

  8. What’s almost as bad as the sprain is it leaves the ankle with a propensity for it to be susceptible to repetitive recurrence of the same type of injury.

  9. The last two Super Bowl champions … are two that no one will remember in about, five years. No one cares.

  10. They can overpay for oft injured OBJ, but he want multiple years which will not help the cap. Can’t even tank because Detroit has their 1.

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