Stefon Diggs: I feel like we’re blinking a little bit

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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Von Miller brought a mantra with him to Buffalo this season.

Miller tells his teammates “don’t blink” whether they’re up big or down big in a game, but wide receiver Stefon Diggs thinks the team failed to live up to that on Sunday. They led the Vikings 27-10 in the third quarter before spitting up that lead and losing 33-30 in overtime.

That led Diggs to say that the Bills did the opposite of what Miller advised.

“We’ve got to continue to play sharp,” Diggs said, via Matt Parrino of “I mean, I feel like we’re coming out in the first half, minds sharp, getting after it, and then we somewhat hit a little lull and then kind of got to get back in the groove. It seemed like when we’ve got to get in the groove, it’s always crunch time. And we always manage to kind of figure it out and make a way, but it’ll save us if we don’t take that lull, don’t take that little gasp of air. Von always say don’t blink and I feel like we might be blinking a little bit, especially when we come out trying to figure it out. . . . This game has its ebbs and flows along with the season. I mean, we can’t ride a roller coaster, so chin up.”

Diggs said “the other team will give you their best shot” on a weekly basis and that it’s up to the Bills to make sure that they don’t offer opponents a chance to hit those shots. They’ve failed to do that in the last two weeks and the AFC playoff picture looks a lot different as a result.

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  1. Originally the back half of the bills schedule looked “easy” with three divisional games at home coming up but… if this team doesn’t win their division there’s a good chance they may not even win a wildcard. 6int and a lost fumble last three games for Allen..mvp talk? Time to start playing like the best qb in his division first.

  2. I would have to agree 100%, the last few weeks have looked like years past. Allen playing very well, but making some questionable throws. They seem to take their foot off their opponents neck when they have them right there. Also, I love the way Allen plays, and he is a big boy – but he is taking shots he really doesn’t need to. (Interception this game sticks out as his own guy got his leg on the tackle) He doesn’t need to lose the season over an INT.

  3. Or here’s a thought, your team isn’t as good as most people thought.
    Josh Allen is starting to break from carrying this team for so long.

  4. as disappointing as this loss was, it’s only half a season. I was so disappointed after the fumble, that I turned off the tv. But can’t be mad at the team. It was only a game. Do notice a big difference from last year in the offensive coordinating. No blinking if we get the right calls called. Go Bills. Sweep the rest of the season.

  5. Replying to acemagee45 says:
    November 14, 2022 at 7:40 am
    These guys act like they have won a Super Bowl. They ain’t won nothing.


    True, but the Vikings were not supposed to win that game, or be competitive. That being said it was an AWESOME game and would be regardless of the outcome. Vikes are legit.

  6. Something is going on with Allen. The guy isn’t himself right now, and I don’t think it has anything to do with football.
    Personally, family, …something has him thinking less than positive.
    The head hanging isn’t Allen.

  7. It looked like my Bills would easily handle Minnesota…then the second half started – again Allen & that Offense could not get anything going & our Defense just went to sleep. Curiously there’s no mention of Josh’s elbow today yet yesterday’s 3rd & 4th quarter he seemed off.

  8. What Minnesota has shown this year is that they can pull out close games that they would have lost over the past three or four games.

  9. your coach is terrible – bad situational football on a consistent basis – 4th down you tell your defense to bat the damn ball down – why are you trying to catch it? plenty more examples – this is a poorly coached football team

  10. This team is easily the most talented in the league and despite that they seem to fold if asked to play a full 60 minutes. If the Bills ain’t winning pretty they ain’t winning at all. I got news for you, it’s very rare that there are pretty wins in the playoffs.

  11. AFC East has 24 combined wins this year. NFC East has 25 with 1 more coming tonight.
    Outside of those 2 divisions, no other division has even 20 combined.

    KC and Philly also have claims to most talented Team in the league and JAllen’s elbow is not good

  12. The thing this Viking fan observed from the limited sample size is that it’s not as simple as a Josh Allen issue. I mean Dalvin ran untouched for an 81 yard TD, Jefferson had more game-day yardage than any NFL WR to date, and Cousins passed for a boatload of yards.

  13. Vikes most definitely have the most talented team In the leauge, they just needed someone like KOC to make it shine. Take KOC out of LA and you have, well you can see that now..

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