A.J. Brown: Sometimes you get hit in the mouth, how do you respond?

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles
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Mike Tyson once said that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth and Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown sounded like he was channelling the former heavyweight champion on Tuesday.

The Commanders handed Brown and the Eagles their first loss of the year on Monday night. Tuesday had Brown looking forward to see how his team can adjust their plans now that they’ve taken one on the chin.

“All this 17-0 shit is over with,” Brown said, via Zach Berman of TheAthletic.com. “Now we’re going to wake up, and how are you going to respond? . . . Sometimes you get hit in the mouth. How do you respond? It comes with it. . . .We get back up and start fighting back.”

The Eagles will get to show how they bounce back against the Colts in Week 11 and adding a ninth knockout to this year’s record would be a good way of showing that all remains on track despite Monday night’s stumble.

7 responses to “A.J. Brown: Sometimes you get hit in the mouth, how do you respond?

  1. Eagles starting to show some cracks. Skins ran more plays 81 to 47, held the ball for over 40 minutes and Hurts made some bad decisions. Going forward have to believe teams are watching how they did it.

  2. To people saying this was a trap game for the Eagles , really ? A hated division rival on a Monday Night and they snuck up on you 😂 get out of here with that.. At least Brown tells it like it is , respect.

  3. The Eagles are supposedly analytics-minded, yet Gannon seems to not notice the terrific results when they play man vs. the terrible results when he calls soft zone coverage.

    Despite having two of the better cover corners in the NFL, it’s really obvious that Gannon philosophically doesn’t like man coverage.

    It really bit the Eagles last night with that huge TOP imbalance because the Eagles are soft against the run and were giving up uncontested, easy completions on third down all game.

  4. It was bound to happen but everything that could go wrong went wrong. Playcalling wasn’t smart, no reason to throw so much after Aj Brown got banged up. Uncalled facemask penalty hurt cause it caused the fumble and injury. Quez fumble really hurt. Two of those three things are fixable. The one that isn’t…just hope it doesn’t happen to us in the playoffs if make it there. For the tea that will be (and there always is every year) on the side terrible uncalled blatant game changing penalty…feel for them

  5. Gotta give it up to the Manders they played extra from the 1st whistle and made it a gameplan to put the Eagles best player out of the game and they succeeded

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