Aaron Rodgers makes case for all grass fields


Despite being in Wisconsin, the Packers have the best field in the NFL. The grass is green, even if it’s blended with synthetic fibers. The drainage is effective. The tundra is never actually frozen.

As a time when field quality has become a hot-button issue for the NFL Players Association and a growing number of players, the league’s two-time defending MVP has added his influential voice to the chorus.

“[Expanding to 17 games] was about monetary gains, so this would be putting your money where your mouth is if player safety is important,” Rodgers said Tuesday, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com.

Rodgers agrees that it’s time for grass fields in every stadium.

“I think you would see less of these non-contact injuries that we see on some of the surfaces, and I think that it’d be a good step in the right direction towards player safety to make the requirement for every field to be grass,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers is also realistic.

“I don’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to the league making that decision without some sort of big vote and gripes from certain owners who don’t want to spend the money,” Rodgers said.

Plenty of owners don’t want to spend the money. It’s ludicrous. Even if they don’t care about the players, they should care about the massive investment they’ve made in them.

And it’s likely no coincidence that the Packers have such a great field when they don’t have an owner who would otherwise pocket the profits — and then uses them to pay for a giant yacht.

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  1. For anyone who might come in here going “but what about the dome stadiums? You can’t play on grass in there, silly!” Tottenham has a system in place for when they host NFL games to grow their grass underground using UV lamps. You can surely apply this for domed grass fields.

  2. Idiots it is not about money or the owner idiots.

    Stadiums are paid for on the most part the city. Yep the back of the people unless you are in the Walmart family.

    My team the saints play in a dome. Not gonna invest in a four billion dollar stadium for grass turf. The tax payers are not gonna pay.

    The saints stadium is in downtown New Orleans. Perfect place for the experience to be the best but not room for a roll in the sun real turf field. Reengineering a staidum to do that is feasible.

    That would mean the saints would play miles away in another city. I think it is stupid that teams do that. Putting the economic impact into another city or even state is stupid.

    This is the word from a dude that didn’t bother to attend camp before he HAD to because the game is not that important to him.

  3. Does this mean everyone will be off the anti turf wagon? You know, because they can’t possibly support anything Rodgers says or does?

  4. Love him or hate him, he’s right. Not wanting to spend money is why the owners don’t do a lot of good things.

  5. Ever watch a game and see all the black dust get kicked up when players slide or make a tackle on artificial turf? That’s just ground up tires. Stuff gets everywhere, in your shoes, clothes, all over. After a while it gets so finely pulverized by play that it becomes fine enough to breathe in. Look up the studies on this, it’s horrible stuff.

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