Cooper Kupp to have tightrope surgery on injured ankle

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Rams receiver Cooper Kupp may have avoided a worst-case scenario with his ankle injury. But Los Angeles’ best offensive player will still be out for several weeks.

Head coach Sean McVay told reporters on Tuesday that Kupp will undergo tightrope surgery for his high-ankle sprain and will be placed on injured reserve.

While Kupp’s surgery will require about five-to-six weeks for him to recover, McVay did not rule Kupp out for the rest of the season. Kupp will have to spend at least four weeks on IR.

A six-week absence would have Kupp back in time for the last games of the season against the Chargers and Seahawks. But with the Rams at 3-6 heading into Sunday’s game at New Orleans, it’s in many ways hard to see Los Angeles playing meaningful games in Weeks 17 and 18.

Kupp was last year’s AP offensive player of the year after leading the league with 145 catches, 1,947 yards, and 16 receiving touchdowns. He then caught 33 passes for 478 yards with six touchdowns in four postseason games as the Rams won Super Bowl LVI and he took home Super Bowl MVP.

In 2022, Kupp has 75 catches for 812 yards with six touchdowns.

Without Kupp, Allen Robinson likely becomes the top receiving option for L.A. But with Kupp, the team is just 29th in points scored and 31st in total yards.

20 responses to “Cooper Kupp to have tightrope surgery on injured ankle

  1. The Rams should just shut Kupp down for the rest of the season! Let him heal up completely for 2023.

  2. Not a Rams fan, but definitely a Kupp fan. Good luck, Cooper hope you are back on the field soon.

  3. 5-6 weeks may as well be 5-6 months at this point. The Rams wont say it, but they are already thinking about 2023.

  4. Might as well sit him for the season. Rams are finished. What an overrated team and organization. Can’t purchase a SB this year. HAHAHA

  5. “Without Kupp, Allen Robinson likely becomes the top receiving option for L.A. But with Kupp, the team is just 29th in points scored and 31st in total yards.”
    And you think they will be any better without him?

  6. Shelve him. Rams aren’t going anywhere this year and they are tanking. Too busy celebrating SB 56 and not worry about today. That is so LA.

  7. I must confess that I was not familiar with “Tightrope Surgery”. For anyone curious, this is what I found online:

    “A high-ankle sprain denotes injury to the ligamentous complex bridging the two leg bones, tibia and fibula specifically where they articulate at the ankle joint. The syndesmotic ligaments between the two bones are torn, and in the most severe cases there is increased separation or diastasis between the two bones. In this instance, surgeons anatomically reduce the gap, drill across the two bones and place heavy non-absorbable suture construct with metallic buttons at either end (the “tightrope”) to hold the bones close together. This offers long-term protection and stability, and allows the ligamentous complex to heal in optimal position.

    The implanted (tightrope) device actually stabilizes the ankle and serves as a replacement ligament while the native syndesmotic ligaments heal.”

  8. “And you think they will be any better without him?”

    I’ve seen stranger things happen. Sometimes, a team gets hooked on using one player too much. The player does great, but the team suffers. Now the Rams will be forced to spread the ball around, as they should have been doing all along.
    Having said that, they won’t even sniff the playoffs this year.

  9. Why would they perform surgery on a tightrope. I’d think it would be easier and safer in a hospital but that’s just me. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. Well, at least they drafted a complementary player in Tutu Atwell…oh wait. Well, at least they drafted a stud back in Akers..oh wait.

  11. Anything that can go wrong this season has, but it doesn’t even matter. We’ve got the Lombardi. We’re still Super Bowl champs. And playing a 4th place schedule with a motivated team next season will be a welcome change.

  12. Not surprising he got hurt this season. When you get as many touches as he does (and not really a big guy), it’s a matter of when, not if, he gets injured.

  13. We’re still the reigning Super Bowl champs and there’s nothing anyone can say to change that. We’ll see what magic Les Snead and Sean McVay can work for 2023.

    I think this is good news for Lions fans? They still have the Rams 1st from this year, right? If the Rams keep losing that will increase their draft capital.

  14. Overuse is the culprit with Kupp’s injury. Thy have nothing else that consistently works for them offensively. That’s a problem that they need to fix while he’s out. Nobody is saying don’t give him his targets, just be a little more careful with a player so valuable.

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