Emotional Ron Rivera tells Commanders’ locker room, “My mother would have been proud”

NFL: NOV 14 Commanders at Eagles
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Commanders coach Ron Rivera’s mother died two weeks ago, and after Monday night’s win over the Eagles, Rivera let his emotions show.

Rivera stood in the middle of the locker room to address the team but became too choked up to speak. He finally said only, “My mother would have been proud,” before stopping.

The Commanders posted video of their postgame locker room, which showed wide receiver and team captain Terry McLaurin taking over to address the team after Rivera couldn’t.

“You can see how much that means to him. It means a lot to everyone in this locker room,” McLaurin said.

Although Rivera was emotional, the Commanders’ locker room was celebratory, and with good reason: They just beat the NFL’s last undefeated team, they improved their record to 5-5, and they’ve now won four of their last five games. The Commanders are playoff contenders.

12 responses to “Emotional Ron Rivera tells Commanders’ locker room, “My mother would have been proud”

  1. Can’t say the Washington team did not step up big and overachieve last night. He is entitled to his emotion.

  2. That video almost makes me want to root for the Commanders.

    Anytime someone gets a glimpse of what they can accomplish, realizes their value, and then are determined to build off that, that’s a feel good kind of thing.

    Who knows how this will end, but seeing that speck of hope in their eyes made me smile

  3. I am not a fan of the Washing Commanders, however I have always liked what coach Rivera added to that organization. the guy is pure class and represents that franchise the right way.

  4. Never been a Riverbank Ron fan but one thing has evolved here – despite his team’s record, his teams have never given up on him though it appeared with Carson Yutz starting, the collapse was on its way.

    We have suddenly found at least two leaders on this team – Mclaurin and Heinicke. The fact that Yutz almost completely forgot McLaurin was on the field is amazing but not surprising. Heinicke also doesn’t need a wrist cheat sheet. He knows the offense.

  5. I’m over 50 years, old and have been a Washington fan since birth. I’ve been disgusted by most of the football I’ve seen here for the past 25 years. I even knew early on that RG3 was a mirage. Last night is the most proud I’ve been of my team since the Joe Gibbs era! I have no idea if they can replicate it or sustain it, but it was great!

  6. A real dichotomy. The front office is full of negative press and an intimidating work culture while Rivera and his team show nothing but class and hard work. Congrats to this team – they are – for the moment – winners.

  7. The chances of the entire NFC East making the playoffs look better today than yesterday.

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