Josh Allen in “good spot” with elbow injury

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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Bills quarterback Josh Allen missed two days of practice last week with an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, but returned for a limited practice on Friday before starting against the Vikings on Sunday

Allen helped stake the Bills to a 27-10 lead, but three turnovers in the fourth quarter and overtime helped the Vikings come back for a 33-30 win that knocked Buffalo out of first place in the AFC East. Allen tried to tackle Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson after one of those turnovers in the fourth quarter and stayed down for a bit, but head coach Sean McDermott said on Monday that there was no further issue with his elbow.

McDermott said Allen’s elbow is in a “good spot” coming out of the game and that the team will determine his practice schedule for the week. Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey added that the game plan on Sunday was not limited by Allen’s injury.

“There weren’t really many throws off the table,” Dorsey said, via the team’s website. “He was really making all the throws throughout the game and I think we all saw that.”

Allen has thrown multiple interceptions in three straight games and the Bills have lost the last two of them, so cutting down on the turnovers will be essential whether Allen’s elbow is 100 percent or not against the Browns this week.

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  1. It’s time the coaches in Buffalo actually help out Allen, or get someone who does.. It seems that Dorsey is a major down grade from Brian Daboll, and can not come up with scripted the plays during crucial times, and everything depends on Allen making chicken salad out of chicken …. Plays.

  2. Funny, but it really doesn’t look like the spot he’s currently in is good. But rather than say there’s a problem and taking steps to fix it … it’s always better to just deny it exists.

  3. Joe Montana threw 4 interceptions against Cincinatti in 1984 enroute to a Super Bowl. He also threw 3 interceptions in another 6 games. Josh Allen is a special quarterback and he will win a Super Bowl.

  4. Its not his elbow – its his “head” right now. He’s just not in a good space in his coconut the last three games.

  5. I’ve said this 3-4 times on here now… Allen has either a partial, or complete UCL tear.. since he’s still playing.. I’m guessing it’s a complete tear. Knowing he can’t damage it further, he’s playing through the pain and that’s why he’s playing poorly, making bad decisions, and will slowly lose arm strength. It’s sad that this will all probably be learned later and become a scandal… but the man’s cutting years of his career if he continues this.. just my 2 cents.. hope I’m wrong.

  6. from the Cleveland Clinic. Do you think his injury has something to do with his play? Grip strength and velocity are affected. I bet his accuracy suffers as a result. Nobody has said whether he’s getting a shot or not. I think he is.

    How are ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries classified?
    There are three grades of UCL sprain injuries:

    Grade 1: The ligament is stretched but not torn.
    Grade 2: The ligament is stretched and might be partially torn.
    Grade 3: The ligament is completely torn.

    What are the symptoms of an ulnar collateral ligament injury?
    Mild to moderate symptoms include:

    Pain and tenderness on the inner side of your elbow during or after a session of overhead arm activity.
    Pain with a fast forward movement of your arm.
    Weak or unstable feeling at your elbow.
    Weak or clumsy hand grip.
    Loss of ability to throw as fast or hard.

    Symptoms of a torn ligament include:

    Feeling a sudden pop along the inside of your elbow.
    Severe pain.
    Loss of ability to throw.
    Tingling and numbness in your pinky and ring fingers. This means your ulnar nerve is also pinched or injured.

  7. All is well!

    What about his concussion that was ignored on Sunday, when he was down holding his head on the ground?

  8. He’s playing good the first half & not so good the second! And I’m no fitness expert or medical person but his throws have looked off in the second half of these last 3 games…so is it injury, fatigue or just a mental block? Inquiring Bills fans deserve to know!

  9. We sure do have a lot of doctors here.

    The speculation is off the charts. Why would anyone doubt what he’s saying here? He was throwing the ball fine on Sunday. The INT’s were just bad decisions.

    And a concussion? He didn’t even hit his head on that play. He was holding his head because he was upset about the INT.

  10. It wasn’t long ago Buffalo fans were calling Josh Allen the new Brady and before the season proclaimed Brian Daboll would be exposed without Allen. I wonder what happened.

  11. This could turn out as a disaster for Bills fans hoping for that one superbowl. I do hope it finally happens, I have been converted.

  12. Does anyone actually believe he ad han issue with his ucl? The coach was playing head games with the vikings.

  13. The Bills and Allen will be just fine, and the coach’s “head games” with the Vikings were a joke — the Vikes prepared for Allen the entire time.

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