Mike McCarthy: Pass rush is a privilege we don’t get without stopping the run

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
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The Cowboys defense has had a lot of success rushing quarterbacks this season, but that doesn’t help them if teams are able to avoid dropping back to pass too often.

Sunday’s overtime loss to the Packers illustrated that issue. They were able to sack Aaron Rodgers twice during the game, but the Packers ran 39 times for 207 yards as Green Bay pounded the ball on the ground on their way to a 31-28 win.

On Monday, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said that the team shouldn’t expect other teams to deviate from that approach until the Cowboys show that they can do a better job against the run.

“We’ve been talking about this since training camp — the way we were gonna be challenged from Day 1,” McCarthy said, via the team’s website. “We recognize our strengths as far as pass rush, but pass rush is a privilege right now. Until we take care of this run challenge, that’s what it’s gonna be.”

The Vikings are on deck for the Cowboys and they should probably plan on seeing plenty of Dalvin Cook once that game kicks off in Week 11.

3 responses to “Mike McCarthy: Pass rush is a privilege we don’t get without stopping the run

  1. The trick is to stop the run without weakening the pass defense as to make it easy pickings for the QB with good pocket skills. Cousins may not be a future HOF like Rogers but with a solid run game he can pick a weakened pass D apart.

  2. Dallas defense has been overrated for a while. Dallas media has been calling them as “terrifying”. It should be terrifying to Quinn McCarthy and Jones.
    Teams good at running the ba will pound the cowboys, much like last year’s playoffs

  3. The scary thing for Cowboys fans should be this: “We’ve been talking about this since training camp…”, and it is still not fixed

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