Packers waive Amari Rodgers, Kylin Hill

Green Bay Packers v Washington Commanders
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The Packers made it clear that they were going to make a change at punt returner after Amari Rodgers fumbled another in Sunday’s win over the Cowboys.

But Green Bay also decided to let him go entirely.

The Packers announced they’ve waived Rodgers and running back Kylin Hill on Tuesday.

Rodgers was a third-round pick in 2021, with Green Bay trading up to draft him. He was a very limited contributor on offense, recording just eight catches for 95 yards in 26 games. In 2022, he’d played only 98 offensive snaps. As a returner, Rodgers averaged 20.3 yards per kick return and 7.0 yards per punt return. But his fumbles were a clear liability.

Keisean Nixon replaced Rodgers at punt returner in Sunday’s victory.

A seventh-round pick in 2021, Hill appeared in the last two games. He took a carry for 7 yards in his one offensive snap in the Week Nine loss. He was on the field for eight special teams snaps combined.

The Packers host the Titans on Thursday night this week.

22 responses to “Packers waive Amari Rodgers, Kylin Hill

  1. Watching a “specialist” cough up the ball is painful. Richie James destroying the Giants chances against Seattle still hurts.

  2. How dare they release Amari without my permission. I’ll show the Packers who’s boss and make them pay. Let the tanking begin.

  3. I said in the preseason I didn’t think Amari would make the roster. They would have been better off if he hadn’t. Hill is a bit of a surprise. I’m not sure what happened there.

  4. Amari after fumble: “Oh fudge!”

    Packers fans after fumble: “oy vey!”

    Amari after release: :”Oh fudge!”

    Packers fans after release: “Hurray!”

  5. What took so long? It’s not like there was an upside to this guy. Maybe the threat of his career fumbles surpassing his career receptions becoming a reality was what finally did him in.

  6. Like everyone, I was not surprised by the release. However, we drafted him fairly high because of his speed and skills. Time will tell if another team picks him up and gets more production out of him.

  7. Even outside of the inexcusable special teams fumbles, this guy was no better than an undrafted free agent rookie when in the offense. Absolutely not a big play threat or significant weapon. Swing and a miss on him. At least they finally cut their losses.

  8. This may be Gutekunst saving LaFleur from himself. Or maybe Bisaccia.

    As time went on, I found myself in further and further disbelief when Amari Rodgers just kept trotting out there for returns. I mean it wasn’t like I, and everyone else on Earth, didn’t know something bad was about to happen.

    I literally asked myself on Sunday “Has this kid got pics of the higher-ups with a goat?” Literally asked myself that very thing, although the language in my head is always slightly more colorful.

  9. Not sure what they saw in him to begin with. Undersized, slow, with terrible hands.

  10. Not really a surprise. He was not only terrible as a receiver, he was playing scared as a returner–he started the year blindly fair-catching everything even when there was plenty of room for him to run, then when he came under scrutiny for that, he went to the other extreme and started blindly returning everything, even when there were defenders right on top of him (which was part of why he kept coughing up the ball).

    No field awareness, no thinking. He never adapted.

  11. Kickoff return avg of 20 yds means if he had let the ball bounce into the endzone for a touchback, it would have been more productive. And 7 yds on punt returns combined with the extraordinary amount of fumbles means the other team got the ball back 7 yds from where they kicked it to him. Call a fair catch and GB at least would’ve kept possession lol

  12. toothfairyretributionmanifesto says:
    November 15, 2022 at 3:02 pm

    Not sure what they saw in him to begin with. Undersized, slow, with terrible hands.

    Rodgers wasn’t undersized, he was short, compact, balanced, a wide receiver in a running back’s body.
    And he certainly wasn’t slow running a flat 4.4.
    Many scouts loved him, most giving him a 3rd round grade.
    I certainly thought the Packers would utilize him differently, lining him up in the backfield and slot, like a lot of people did.
    There’s obviously a big disconnect between his skill set and the cerebral part of the game.
    He’s had ample opportunities to excel in Green Bay’s passing game with all of the injuries, but he could barely show enough to get himself on the field.
    And he was never even a passable return man.

    Kylin Hill should be added to the practice squad once he clears waivers.
    Though he obviously passes his physical, the limitations from his knee injury must be keeping him from offering any significant help this season.
    Too bad, the coaching staff loves him despite his limited action.
    Moving on.

  13. The Amari Rodgers release is not surprising,….except that it’s several weeks or months overdue. The Kylin Hill release seems like more of a mystery. I assume there was some risk/fear of a longer term injury that they’d end up paying him a settlement or something?? But why they ever activated him is curious. He’s not gotten a legit chance to show he’s recovered from the ACL

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