Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz not cleared yet, we’ll see what happens

NFL: NOV 14 Commanders at Eagles
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After the Commanders’ 32-21 win over the Eagles on Monday night, head coach Ron Rivera and quarterback Taylor Heinicke were both asked about the possibility of a quarterback change with Carson Wentz becoming eligible to return from injured reserve.

Rivera said that he would have more to say on the topic Tuesday, so it predictably was the first topic at his press conference. Rivera did not make any pronouncement about who is starting against the Texans in Week 11, but noted that Wentz has not been cleared to return after finger surgery at this point and that the team would see how things play out before any final decisions.

“We’re going to see what happens this week,” Rivera said, via Ben Standig of

The Commanders are 3-1 in Heinicke’s starts this season after going 2-4 with Wentz to open the season. They’ll also owe the Colts a second-round pick if Wentz plays 70 percent of this year’s snaps and the combination of those things will likely factor into any decision about who plays this weekend.

22 responses to “Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz not cleared yet, we’ll see what happens

  1. Mind-blowing that Washington’s coaching staff actually determined Wentz would be an upgrade over Heinicke and gave up a draft choice to acquire him. Any novice could determine that while not great, Heinicke is much better than Wentz.

  2. Carson Wentz is a bust. That label has to be applied. He’s done as an NFL starter. He’s a head case and playing in that little warehouse for that Notrth Dakota state program is not any proving ground to be a top pick in the NFL draft.

  3. I swear this team is so dysfunctional that they will actually go back to Wentz just to prove so unknown point. If they do go back to Wentz, I will be totally done with them for the rest of the season. TH is not Montana or Brady, he doesn’t need to be. The team loves having him as QB1 and plays differently when he is starting. Personally, I love watching TH play and think he just simply finds a way to make a play. He has a bit of gunslinger to him and that is awesome! Keep TH or lose them team is my two cents and no I don’t give refunds

  4. They’re not going back to Wentz this week unless Heinicke spontaneously combusts on the field against the Texans. The Texans who are giving up 182/game on the ground? Really? C’mon, y’all.

  5. “Carson Wentz not cleared yet, we’ll see what happens,” yelled Ron Rivera as he shouted over the back-up beeper on the bus he was squaring up to Wentz’s legs.

  6. Some people have got the Kavorka that others respond to and Heinecke is one of them. He puts it all out there and gives you everything he’s got. That is infectious and his teammates love it. They catch the fever too and it shows.

  7. Any wild guesses as to who makes the ill advised move to acquire Wentz this offseason?

  8. If the choice is between giving up our 2nd round choice and not extending Wentz or giving up 3 1st rounders for Russell Wilson … and giving him 5 years and $250M … then I’ll happily give up the pick and move on!

  9. Not that Rivera is some Offensive genius or that he’s a better than average coach but if he benches Heinike for Wentz he should be fired immediately especially after the way the kid played against Philadelphia!

  10. Wentz shouldn’t lose his job due to injury.

    He should lose his job due to the fact that he’s not very good.

  11. The NFL propped up Wentz in an effort to make people forget Tebow. It didn’t work.
    NFL playoff wins: Tebow 1, Carson Wentz 0, Jalen Hurts 0

  12. andyreidsmustache says:
    November 15, 2022 at 6:13 pm
    Any wild guesses as to who makes the ill advised move to acquire Wentz this offseason?
    Mark Davis on line 1.

  13. Heinicke brings things that aren’t measurable to the table. Heart and competitive fire can’t be measured. Sure Wentz has the physical skills but he doesn’t seem to have the heart. Heinicke makes his teammates better because of his approach and willingness to do whatever it takes to win. I’m not knocking on Wentz. I personally think the Colts would be in a better position today if he was still their starter.

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