Tom Brady experienced “embarrassment and shame” on failed trick play


It presumably looked good when they drew it up. But they didn’t account, when configuring the Xs and Os, that the intended receiver is 45 and slow — and that the field was going to essentially be a Slip-N-Slide.

The Buccaneers called it anyway. A running back pass from Wildcat formation, with Tom Brady the target of the throw.

On the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast, Brady discussed the play in which he reprised the weekly role of Chevy Chase from the cold opening of each episode of the first season of Saturday Night Live.

“I think the thing about it was when the ball was in the air, I obviously knew I wasn’t gonna catch it, but I tried to go up to at least tackle and try to keep the ball, and then I fell on my face,” Brady said. “So in a lot of ways, you know, [I felt] embarrassment and shame at the same time on the same play. I won’t forget that play. And I haven’t had many receptions in my career, so I thought it would be pretty cool to get one in Germany. But it only seems right that the country with no speed limit on the Autobahn got to see me run routes as a wide receiver, which was very, very slow.”

It was. And it wasn’t some garbage-time gadget play. The result — an interception plus 15 yards of field position after Brady tripped Seahawks cornerback Tariq Woolen — could have provided Seattle with the spark needed to win a game that Tampa Bay led at the time, 14-3.

The fact that the disastrous play didn’t alter the outcome makes it less problematic. Still, it’s fair to ask what in the hell the Buccaneers were thinking? Even if Brady hadn’t bitten the dust like Kramer on a broken bottle of booze, why expose the GOAT to contact down the field with the ball in his hands? The most important player on the team is also the oldest and most fragile, relative to his teammates.

It never should have been in the game plan. It never should have been called. And it hopefully (for Brady’s sake) never will be called again.

After all, we’d seen it before. In Super Bowl LII. That time, he didn’t fall. But he dropped it. It was a weird time to give him a shot at redemption, nearly five years later, five years older, and five years slower.

18 responses to “Tom Brady experienced “embarrassment and shame” on failed trick play

  1. I guess I can see the temptation after Brady was uncovered the previous time they ran the play, but wouldn’t you think they’d tell Fournette to pass ONLY if Brady was uncovered? Maybe they did, but we’ve seen earlier this season how receivers/runners who have a chance to throw the ball feel compelled to do it, no matter what. Next time, stick to a play like the Edelman-to-Amendola pass.

  2. They ran the play twice and the first time he was wide open.. No one bothered to cover him, second time they adjusted..

  3. I’m not going to hate on trick plays if it’s only one a game or less.

    They won’t always work but are fun to watch regardless

  4. He sho hill d feel shame and embarrassment not on him falling but the things he does after plays sometimes, I’m this case it was tripping the defender in other cases it’s him delivering kicks to the ground of players. I understand wanting to be competitive but doing things like that is flat out dirty and represents poor sportsmanship and he gets away with it because he’s Tom Brady.

  5. I like the petulant trip on Woolen.

    Too bad he didn’t spike Brady as he came down.

  6. I really don’t know why people are so obsessed about this. They tried something it didn’t work, can we move on with our lives? People act like this might keep Tom from being a First Ballot HOFer or something.

  7. Would be nice if he’d acknowledge the dropped pass from Amendola in SB 52 which lost the game for NE. He was wide open without a soul around and he took his eyes off it like a baby.

    He only admits to huge mistakes now or after a win, not a loss. Why BB walked.

  8. Tom Brady should be embarrassed about supporting FTX along with his wife.

    He cost uninformed fans $billions or more.

    It shows his “character”.

  9. Foles caught his when it mattered why couldn’t Tommy?

    Trying this again. Brady dropped a pass at the 30 with 12 mins left in the 2nd. He would have not scored. Foles was in the end zone when he caught his pass. Great play by Philly.

  10. It doesn’t really matter when you win…way easier to laugh it off…usually you try to get the ball to “playmakers” who are really fast, so it is a bit funny….

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