Aaron Rodgers: I don’t know if offense is sustainable, that’s a word that gets said too much

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers’ offense showed real improvement in Sunday’s win over the Cowboys, but don’t ask quarterback Aaron Rodgers if that success is sustainable.

When a reporter did ask Rodgers if the improvement Green Bay showed on offense is sustainable, Rodgers said he didn’t want to answer.

“I don’t know. Sustainable has become one of those words that gets said a little bit too much, I think, this year. So I’m going to stay away from sustainable,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said he doesn’t want to make any grand pronouncements about where the Packers’ offense is.

“There’s no sigh of relief, there’s no weight of the world off my shoulders. The preparation stays the same, the focus stays the same, the expectations stay the same. But it was nice to play a more complete game on offense,” Rodgers said.

The Packers will get right back at it against another good defense on Thursday night against the Titans.

8 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: I don’t know if offense is sustainable, that’s a word that gets said too much

  1. Aaron Rodgers is what I call intelligent adjacent. I think he hangs out with smart people and then mimics their way of speaking which makes him sound intelligent. But when smarter people start to dig a little under the surface you find what he’s saying doesn’t actually make any sense.

  2. Running the ball and controlling the clock is WITHOUT DOUBT the best chance you have to win.

    That was clear in week 1, BEFORE we knew the D was hot garbage.. AGAIN!

  3. This sounds like he’s not ready to commit to the LaFleur play calling that actually allowed them to win a game.

  4. What Rodgers says about “sustainable” is true. It’s a word that is getting thrown a lot, in every field. It’s being used a lot by McDaniels in LV. “We are building a team which is a sustainable winner.” Just win a game. That’s all Rodgers is saying. Let’s just win a game. Then, win the next

  5. I doubt it’s sustainable for Watson to score a touchdown on every 7th pass.

    But if the Packer o-line could just all stay on the field at the same positions for a couple games, maybe.

    More likely Jordan Love gets December.

  6. It’s funny how much less of a narcissistic brat his quote would have come across if he had just said “off OUR shoulders” instead of “MY shoulders.”

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