Arthur Smith: Kyle Pitts doesn’t have Tyreek Hill numbers, but he’s had a good season

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After a strong rookie season with the Falcons, tight end Kyle Pitts‘ numbers are down considerably in 2022.

Pitts caught 68 passes for 1,026 yards with one touchdown as a rookie. That works out to 4.0 receptions per game, 60.4 yards per game, and 15.1 yards per catch.

The only number that’s gone up in 2022 is his touchdowns — he has two of them so far. But Pitts has just 25 receptions for 313 yards. That’s 34.8 yards per game, 2.8 receptions per game, and 12.5 yards per catch.

Part of the decrease is the quarterback, as Marcus Mariota has been up and down in his effectiveness. But head coach Arthur Smith said this week Pitts is still performing well, even though the connection between Mariota and Pitts doesn’t seem to be clicking.

“There’s been a lot of different reasons, some of it’s just timing with the routes,” Smith said in his Monday press conference. “I mean, [Pitts] has been successful; he doesn’t have the Tyreek Hill numbers everybody — you guys panic and act like it’s some great failure, but Kyle’s had a good season. Certainly, we don’t have a ton of passing attempts either so that’s certainly, a part of it but like a lot of things that we do, we can do it better and that’s what we’re looking to do.

“I’d be discouraged if it were one thing where a guy wasn’t necessarily productive, when in man, not just in zone but I don’t think that’s necessarily been the case. There’s a lot of things, sometimes there’s been a comedy of errors, timings sped up, maybe it’s the pressure, maybe the ball comes out quick, you don’t get into a clean pocket, or we have missed him, whatever it is. There’s a lot of different reasons but I’m very confident in both of those guys, especially Kyle.”

Pitts hasn’t had a game with 100 yards this season, and only twice has he recorded at least 80 yards. We’ll see if his production increases in Week 11 as the Falcons take on the Bears.

6 responses to “Arthur Smith: Kyle Pitts doesn’t have Tyreek Hill numbers, but he’s had a good season

  1. Smith is clueless as to how to use his best players. Patterson, Pitts and London are all being used incorrectly and insufficiently

  2. 1. Spend high 1st draft picks on WR and TE
    2. Run the ball in all situations.
    3. Brilliant!

    Also, giving all 4 RBs equal time in the backfield last game is … unusual to say the least. This is not an after school rec league, not everyone gets to play. It contributed in no running back being able to get into a rhythm and the loss.

  3. When is the rookie going to start playing? I don’t see the point to keeping Marcus out there unless smith thinks they can make it to the playoffs.

  4. Imagine how could Pitts would be with competent QB play or at least a QB that could throw a catchable ball to him…

  5. Comparing Pitts to Tyreek? This interview going to come back and haunt the Falcons when they try to sign Pitts to a new contract and he wants wide receiver pay instead. And since it was the owner himself, probably the franchise tag as well because they’ll want to tag him as a tight end. I know that’s all a long time away, but if I’m Pitts agent, I’m bookmarking this interview.

  6. I don’t care how he’s being used or not used…..he’s a BUST by the definition based on his production. Could he flourish elsewhere, yes. Will he need to leave to flourish, more than likely.

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