Bruce Arians was hospitalized last month with severe chest pains

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Former Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians has fought his way through a series of health issues over the years. He recently shared with Ira Kaufman of that a problem last month resulted in a four-day hospitalization.

Arians told Kaufman that, on October 8, Arians experienced severe chest pains.

“On the night before the Atlanta game, we had a house full of people,” Arians said. “We ate and I got these pains way up here, like two knives going in. The more I tried to take a breath, the worse it got.

“I took some TUMS, thinking it was indigestion, but it just got worse. I called Christine back to the bedroom and said I can’t shake this pain. We called 911 and they put me on a stretcher to Tampa General.”

Doctor feared that Arians had suffered a mild heart attack. He was diagnosed with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.

“Thankfully, the scans showed no fluid, no heart damage and absolutely no blockages,” Arians said. “They had a cardiac radiologist look at  everything and they ended up giving me anti-inflammatories.”

Arians spent four days in the hospital. He hasn’t traveled with the team since then. He has attended a pair of home games.

Arians will be added to the Tampa Bay Ring of Honor on January 1.

12 responses to “Bruce Arians was hospitalized last month with severe chest pains

  1. Hope he’s able to recover. I sure wish doctors can find out what the link is between all these cases of myocarditis. Seems to be an epidemic of it the past couple years.

  2. Myocarditis is usually caused by a viral infection. Hmmm. Arians said he’s thankful there are no blockages. But blockages in the coronary arteries can be opened with a minimally invasive procedure. I’ve had it done three times. My heart is strong and I cycle almost daily. I’d be much more concerned with myocarditis.

  3. BS on the myocarditis diagnosis, which is the equivalent of yesterday’s “there’s a virus going around.” Likely gastrointestinal inflammation after eating spicy food. Besides, Arians was not reported experiencing shortness of breath, so seriously doubt it was myocarditis. Just doesn’t go away with anti inflammatory drugs. It takes a long period to recover from myocarditis. Myocarditis is one of the most underdiagnosed heart ailments today, so cardiologists fallback on it.

  4. Tommy has some TB12 brand tap water for sale for $1000 that should help with his recovery.

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