Josh Allen on losses: We don’t have to make this a bigger deal than it is

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills have gone from AFC frontrunners to third place in their division after back-to-back losses to the Jets and Vikings and that change in fortunes has led to a lot of chatter about what’s wrong with the team.

Quarterback Josh Allen’s play has been central to those discussions. He’s thrown four interceptions and lost a fumble on a snap from the Bills’ 1-yard-line in those losses, which has led to acknowledgments that he has to clean up his game in the weeks to come.

During an interview with Kyle Brandt of NFL Media, Allen said that desire for sharper play is joined by a view of the “big picture.” Allen noted the team’s 6-3 record and that he believes the on-field adversity will “build this foundation on stronger bones” as long as the team doesn’t blow their stumbles out of proportion.

“Let’s go about our business. We don’t have to make this a bigger deal than what it is,” Allen said. “We want to win every single game. When we step out on the field, I think it’s our goal, I think it’s everybody’s goal, to win that game. Find a way to do it. Obviously, we haven’t done that in the last couple of weeks. . . . It’s not like we’re not a bad team. We’ve been hurting ourselves a lot. If we can make smarter decisions, if we can play situational football and complementary football, that’s all we gotta do.”

The Bills heard some of the same questions after they fell to 7-6 last December, but won their next four to sew up the AFC East. The whole NFL also saw the Rams go from 7-4 after three straight midseason losses to winning the Super Bowl, so there’s definitely recent history that supports an even keel in the face of losses.

That said, everyone in Buffalo would be just fine if the Bills got back to winning at home against the Browns this week.

14 responses to “Josh Allen on losses: We don’t have to make this a bigger deal than it is

  1. I think the Bills will win this week, but it will be a struggle. The Browns are better than their record suggests, and the Bills are not as dominant as projected.

  2. I’m hoping they turn it on down the stretch like last season, or that this Vikings game ends up being like the Hail Murray game in 2020, after which they finished the season on a 6-0 streak. Thet sky is not falling yet – all 3 of our losses have been for a combined 8 points. Go Bills!

  3. I’d trust Allen a lot more than I do Wilson or Tua/cold-weather-averse-Dolphins. Pats are an afterthought. Don’t see any indication Bills can’t set up opportunity to face Chiefs again. Tough part will be playing that game in KC.

  4. What are about 4 red zone TDs in 2 games? That’s a concern.

    The bigger concern might be that the team in first place has the highest rated QB of all time leading the way and that he’s NEVER lost to the Jets or Pats.

  5. The big deal is the Bills make mistakes in, or worse have no awareness of “situational: footbal”l.The coach, or a coach, or a QB or any other player should have stressed handling a goalline snap.Then you go back to last year’s KC game and it all adds up to the coach not emphasizing and correcting the most basic stuff.

  6. Swoons are inevitable..Still incredible..Still the MVP, and these losses show why.
    The pressure to carry an entire team and an question O coordinator. Look for a HUGE showing over the next month.

  7. Only once has a team gone undefeated. Losing is not a big deal. The goal is to win the super bowl. The Bills are very much alive.

  8. Gonna say it again the, Bills will not win nor make the Super Bowl. This is the same exact team as last year. Overrated and overconfident with major flaws and poor coaching

  9. You know when fans of other teams troll the board of the Bills that they are genuinely worried although they lead you to believe they aren’t.

  10. Bills are gonna win 11 or 12 gms. Don’t see the young Wilson-led Jets, or cold-weather-averse Dolphins winning the division. Pats are an afterthought, despite TB6 excuses. KC holds keys to home field – Bills are gonna have to overcome it.

  11. The Bills LOST the three games with self-inflicted errors. Allen throws a ground ball to open MacKenzie in the end zone at the end of the Miami game. Two stupid and very costly picks against the Jets and the Vikings, period.
    Miami, Jets & Viking are beating their hollow chests – those were a BUFFALO-caused losses, not opponent wins…..

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