Josh McDaniels: I appreciate Mark Davis’ support


After the Raiders fell to 2-7 with a 25-20 loss to the Colts on Sunday, team owner Mark Davis spoke to multiple media outlets on Monday to support his new football regime of head coach Josh McDaniels and G.M. Dave Ziegler.

Among the notable quotes was Davis telling Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he thinks McDaniels is “doing a fantastic job.”

In his Wednesday press conference, McDaniels said no one is happy with the results of the games and everyone wants to do better. But the team is embarking on a process of trying to develop sustainable success.

I appreciate Mark’s support — I’ve always appreciated it. I’ve said that number of times,” McDaniels said. “We’re all here because of him and we all want to do right by him. I think we knew when we came here that this is a longer-term view of, how do we get this thing to repeat? And that hasn’t happened here in a little while. Again, the immediate results that we’ve gotten so far, they aren’t what everybody’s hoping for or wanting. But I think we’re also trying to keep an eye on a lot of things that would go into, how do you sustain it once you get it? It’s not easy to get, but once you get it, how do you sustain it? And that’s not easy either.

“He’s been great to us and I appreciate his support. He’s continued to try and give us anything we need or ask for to try to help us be successful. I appreciate his long-term view on it, too. I really do.”

McDaniels noted that a lot of times when a new regime comes in, it can take time to form different habits and get everyone on the same page in terms of philosophy and culture.

“We’re going to try to do it the best way for us, here. We’re not trying to copy everything that Dave and I have been a part of. We’re trying to do some of it, but also taking a lot of input from other people and figure out what works best for us,” McDaniels said. ” We want to win every time we step on the field. That’s what we’re trying to do. But I do have some understanding of, the type of patience we may need in order to ultimately get to where we’re trying to go.”

The problem is, the Raiders didn’t operate in the offseason like a team that needed to figure itself out and build itself up. There are plenty of examples to point to, but the best is the trade for receiver Davante Adams. Las Vegas sent first- and second-round picks to the Green Bay and signed Adams to a five-year, $141.25 million contract. That’s the move of a team that is expecting to contend.

Plus, teams like the Giants, Vikings, and Dolphins have illustrated that things can turn around quickly with a new head coach.

The Raiders still have time to turn the 2022 season around, and that could begin this weekend with a win over the Broncos. Denver is one of the two teams Las Vegas has defeated this year.

21 responses to “Josh McDaniels: I appreciate Mark Davis’ support

  1. Josh is a terrific coach. We’ll see how long the owner ignores the noise before succumbing to his own uncertainty.

  2. Give him some time.Josh is building a toxic culture in Las Vegas. That doesn’t happen overnight

  3. We’ve entered the “Revisionist History” portion of the McDaniels’ era where he’s going to pretend the team was horrible before he got there and he’s just trying to fix other people’s past mistakes rather than him being the one who messed everything up.

  4. If you fire a head coach in his first year, other candidates will have second thoughts about their landing spot if they have other choices. McDaniels deserves at least another year.

  5. McDaniels and Davis know they need to find a non-crying QB, most likely through the draft. In the meantime, Davis has income from sold out games (opposing fans enjoy the show) and NFL TV/Amazon revenue, so losses don’t cost him anything.

  6. Lets be real here. Anyone who is a true Raider fan knows there was a good chance the team would regress this season. Although the Raiders were a play-off team last year, let’s not forget they were 6-7 and won their last 4 games, all close ones to squeak into the tournament. It takes time to build a new culture, and get the right players to buy into the long term vision of the organization. Gruden and Mayock hacked several drafts and were careless with prime draft capital. Although they did hit on a few nice mid and late round picks, overall they squandered away too many 1st and 2nd rounders that they absolutely reached for. They did a putrid job in free agency to boot. Mark Davis is doing the right thing in supporting Josh and Dave as they build for the future. The Raiders have some big decisions to make in the off season. Do they keep Josh Jacobs? What do we do with Derek Carr? I’d be surprised if Carr comes back for another season. IMO, his time in Raiderland is up, nine years of hearing, “ it’s my bad we need to get better and it starts with me,” is an old broken down record that needs to find a new home. The Raiders need to build their fronts up and make a move for Gardner Minshew to steer the ship until they can find a QB for the future. They have some nice pieces in place, but are weak in the middle of their defense. Quite frankly, they need to find players who can tackle and dammit, The Raiders need to get back to being a press man-to-man coverage team. To watch the Raiders play zone makes me cringe, and any real Raider fan knows thats not our identity, it never has been and never should be. I like the direction Ziegler and McDaniel are taking this organization . It may not look pretty on the surface right now, but if Raider Nation is patient with the process, the long term future of the Silver and Black will have us contending for Lombardi trophies every year for the next decade and beyond.

  7. How great it must be to be the son of an NFL owner who can afford to drive an entire NFL franchise right into the ditch and not care what the fans, who are buying season tickets and merch, want or say. How sweet it is. Just win, baby or howsabout Just be absurdly obtuse, baby.

  8. I hate you Josh McDaniels! I hate you!

    But damn it. As long as you are our coach..

    I respect you!

  9. Josh McDaniels aint him… The Belichek coahing tree is like the before Charlie Brown Xmas tree. The biggest difference is this tree is never gonna get better.

    This is the team that may have finally broken me after 40+ years. I love football, my favorite time of the year but with this coach I have no desire to watch this team. I have DVR’d the last three games and deleted without watching a play. I wont be wasting my DVR space going forward and also in need of a tattoo cover up idea

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