Justin Jefferson is the NFC offensive player of the week

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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The game of the week in Week 10 of the NFL season was the Vikings’ 33-30 overtime win over the Bills and Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson made the most memorable play of that game.

Jefferson used one hand to rip a fourth down pass away from Bills defensive back Cam Lewis for a 32-yard gain that helped set the stage for a key Vikings touchdown. While that play stood out, it wasn’t his only big contribution to the win.

Jefferson finished the game with 10 catches for 193 yards and a touchdown in the contest. On Wednesday, the NFL announced that Jefferson has been named the NFC offensive player of the week.

It’s the second time he’s taken the weekly prize and it feels like there will be many more awards to come for one of the most prolific receivers in the game.

20 responses to “Justin Jefferson is the NFC offensive player of the week

  1. In August Jefferson said he’d be considered the NFL’s number 1 receiver at the end of the season.

    He was wrong.

    It only took ten games.

  2. Still trying to figure out why Zimmer thought he wasn’t ready to be a “starter” at the beginning of his rookie year and started Bisi Johnson instead…alrigthy then….lol

  3. dingodango says:
    November 16, 2022 at 10:47 am
    Watson had 3X the TDs.
    How many games has JJ missed due to injury? JJ deserves it – its time for Packers fans to stop thinking the NFL revolves around them and their team just because of ancient history that does not even pertain to this 2022 season.

  4. Great catch but would NOT have happened if Cam Lewis did not make such a boneheaded play, that is common for defenders in the NFL. On fourth down, the defender should NOT try to catch the pass, just KNOCK IT DOWN. If Lewis had done this Jefferson wouldn’t have had a chance and the Bills would have won the game. Can’t believe no commentators have pointed this out.

  5. Just when you think that greatness has peaked, guys like Mahomes and Jefferson come along to renew hope that greats will keep coming.

    Still marveling at Jefferson’s work in that game. Hope he enjoys a long career.

  6. Christian Watson? All he does is run straight and run fast. Oh yeah, and he gets hurt a lot.

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