Nathaniel Hackett on Raiders-Broncos: “Somebody has to win”

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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The comment didn’t carry the sense of resignation that it perhaps should have. It was nevertheless accurate.

Asked by reporters on Wednesday about the number of close games the Raiders and Broncos (opponents this weekend) have played this year, Denver coach Nathaniel Hackett said this: “Somebody has to win this game.”

Indeed. Unless they tie. Which probably would be fitting.

“It’s been a lot of . . one-score games—between both of the clubs,” Hackett said. “It speaks to [how] they’re a really good football team. I know everybody looks at records, but in the NFL, I believe that everybody’s really, really good. Somebody’s going to have to make that final play to come out on top.”

Few are calling the Raiders “really, really good.” Few are calling the Broncos “really, really good.” But, as Hackett said, somebody has to win when they meet in Denver on Sunday.

Again, unless they tie. Which probably would be fitting.

In Week Four, the Raiders beat the Broncos in what wasn’t a one-score game. Vegas won 32-23. The Raiders have only one other win this season, against the Texans.

20 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett on Raiders-Broncos: “Somebody has to win”

  1. I am a Denver fan (yeah, couple rough years), div games are always great, and cant count out any team… Also, unless the Raiders gift it to them, Hackett couldnt play to a tie if his life depended on it.

  2. Broncos fans are getting hosed. Week one: “We have a real shot at the division!” Wednesday of Raiders week: “Well, somebody has to win.” Oooof

  3. 5-3. Both field goals 55+ yards, Wilson gets tackled for a safety late as the nosetackle comes in untouched.

  4. Scoreless tie. So many punts they run out of balls. Game is suspended in the third quarter due to a mild possibility of rain.

  5. I think the loser should be sent packing on an early vacation. These guys have big hills to climb if they can get to year two.

  6. dollarbill61 says:
    November 16, 2022 at 8:57 pm
    Raiders 7 > Broncos 3. Mark my word.

    Well that sounds like an exciting game. Pass…

  7. I’m old enough to remember when this was the most heated/fun rivalry for many yrs. Raiders chiefs, raiders broncos. That was fun. I miss those days. Denver in particular always found a way to be relevant and in playoff contention for what, the last 35yrs and now even a once proud and respected organization is every bit the clown show the raiders are.

  8. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    November 16, 2022 at 8:43 pm
    should flex this to a Thursday game


    It feels like a Thursday game. How many times have we had to watch the Broncos on Thursday night so far?

  9. “Somebody has to win…” Broncos country, that’s our coach. Yikes. I’m a lifelong Broncos fan and as much as I hate the Raiders, a part of me hopes we get blown out, Hackett get’s fired, Evero gets the interim HC job and we move forward. Too bad we cant fire Russ too. It’s extremely clear that Hackett simply doesn’t have it, why finish the season with him?

  10. Remember when Russ was going to take the Donk’s to the Super Bowl this year?? Good times for sure.

  11. Fun fact:

    If the Broncos scored the same as their last year average they’d be 7-2 (oh yeah, and they’d have a first and second round pick, a few more good players and much larger cap space.

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