Ron Rivera on QB call: You have to look at momentum, mood of team

Washington Commanders v Detroit Lions
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With Carson Wentz eligible to return to practice and be activated from injured reserve this week, Commanders head coach Ron Rivera has held off on naming a starting quarterback for Week 11’s game against the Texans.

Rivera said on Tuesday that the team has to see where Wentz is physically in his return from finger surgery, but other comments seemed to point in the direction of Taylor Heinicke remaining in the starting lineup. The Commanders have won three of his four starts, including Monday’s takedown of the Eagles, and the team has generally looked more energetic in those outings, which Rivera said will be part of his decision.

“You have to look at the momentum,” Rivera said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. “You have to look at what the mood of the team is, obviously. You look at what is best for the team, and at the end of the day, that’s how it has to be.”

Given those considerations, moving away from Heinicke would seem to be a tough call for the Commanders to make but we’ll see what the week brings in Washington.

30 responses to “Ron Rivera on QB call: You have to look at momentum, mood of team

  1. Mr. Snyder has done a fantastic job at turning this team around. I could see him winning his first Super Bowl soon

  2. I said this before, but I want them to start Wentz (Colts need that higher pick) but they’d be foolish to not start Heinicke

  3. Read between the lines. They’re sticking with what’s working. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  4. Everyone keeps opining that Heinicke is not a starting QB. I guess that’s based mostly on his record as a starter.
    But, what has he had to work with in Washington? He reminds me of Fitzpatrick, in that he never seemed to have the benefit of playing with a great defense and a true array of weapons consistently.
    Difference is Heinicke is a very mobile guy. He’s dangerous and is still in reality a 2nd year player in terms of game experience.
    I say give this guy the chance to show what he can do until it’s CLEAR he is the problem.

    What exactly has Wentz done lately? 11-12 in the last two seasons. Not exactly setting the world on fire.

  5. If I’m Wentz, this a moment to make a better impression, and he should look no further than a former Washington QB named Alex Smith. When he was benched in SF he took it like a champ and was a team player in trying to make Kap a better QB. He got another shot in KC and did well under Reid until Mahomes came along. Mentored him at a time when he could have been sour about it and got another shot in Washington.

    Do yourself a favor for once, and be a good sport and maybe you can get another shot because first (second and third) impressions are everything.

  6. Yeah we’ll see etc etc, but I don’t know why Ron feels like he has to justify the obvious choice of keeping Heinicke in for the time being. His record is clearly better than Wentz’s so far this season.

  7. This team plays like it actually cares about winning when Heinicke is in. No brainer.

  8. Henky penky played his guts out and gave The Great One a fight in that playoff against the Bucs. I’d take my chances with him as a coach.

  9. I don’t think they should go back to Wentz,however, Heinicke has a 3-1 record due to better defensive play, the offense has its moments and you can count on an interception a game from Heinicke…that being said at some point you need to take a look and chance on Howell, he has the arm and mobility, and you have to admit both Wentz and Heinicke have made rookie mistakes whether sacks and fumbles or interceptions.

  10. Reminds me of a time when the Flyers were rolling, with Lindros sidelined with a concussion, up 3-1 on the Devils in the semifinals.

    Lindros was skilled, but controversial, a poor leader whose mother often did the talking for him. The team was coming together with him out. Then he got well and suited up for games 5 and 6.

    Series result? Devils 4, Flyers 3.

    Ron’s right. Stick with Heineke. Don’t go with the hyped guy with no locker room skills, even when he gets well. Wentz on the sidelines is addition by subtraction.

    Intangibles are huge in team sports.

  11. Wentz wont be under center for them ever again. Hes done like burnt toast. Clip holder is a pretty good paying gig if you can get it.

  12. Exactly how I called it.

    “Need to keep the motivational momentum driving. Ron Rivera have to make the right decision and that is to keep Taylor Heinicke as the starting QB. Do it for the fans as they deserve a possibility of something positive. To start Carson Wentz next game will be a total letdown”

    Teams are more vulnerable right now and at the pace we are going it is quite possible that we could make the playoffs. Forget about the next years draft right now. We must focus on what we have and what is best for the team moving forward and that is the thought of winning all remaining games. This team is pumped amidst all the drama that has been exploited in the media. You have guys who have wine national college championship games on this team so they know how to come out of the trenches. The sky is not the limit it’s just a view and what Coach Rivera is doing is watching from the outside looking in and seeing a positive momentum.

  13. Heinicke won three of his four starts and their is a question if he’s going to start? Someone is kidding me. The offense must rally around him. Keep it rolling. I remember when Doug Flutie was playing great for Buffalo and lead them into the playoffs and then their starting QB got hurt but then was ready to play and they lost their 1st round playoff game. Remember when Drew Bledsoe got hurt and was able to play but B.B. kept his QB in there as a starter. His name was Tom Brady. How is keeping this guy in there even a question?

  14. Here comes Wentz’ third and hopefully final meltdown. Maybe this time it will sink in that he really isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

  15. Mr. Snyder has done a fantastic job at turning this team around. I could see him winning his first Super Bowl soon


    “Mr. Snyder” will no longer be the owner of the team soon. Either he will sell or he will be removed by the league. His tenure as owner has been one of the worst in the history of professional American sports

  16. Heinicke plays every game like it will be his last. Those kind of intangibles are very difficult to evaluate, obviously look at his body of work. He’s a winner. Plays good enough to win, and is usually puts the team in a spot where it can be won. He makes mistakes, but so does every qb, even the best.

  17. One more minor quibble, 3 and 3 in the 4th with a lead at around midfield he threw a pick on the 10 yard line. Everyone says it’s a bad throw in double coverage. Game situation though, it was not a bad place to throw it up and try. Worked as good as a punt. Not sure why it’s being seen as a horrible throw

  18. I’m sure that if they surveyed the players to see who they wanted to lead them on the field the answer would be clear. Heinicke is a team-first guy. “Average” talent but who plays best in big games. Wentz is a me-first guy. Talented, but who plays worst in big games.

  19. If Rivera starts Wentz over Heinicke then Snyder can take Ron with him when he leaves. Wentz SUCKS on and off the field, and the team prefers Heinicke BIG TIME over Wentz, who two other teams already dumped. CLEARLY Heinicke starts, even if little Danny Napoleon prefers to start the guy they are stupidly paying all that unearned money….

  20. Washington is in the hunt for a playoff spot. It could well be that every NFC East team will end with a better record than every team in the NFC but one.

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