Russell Wilson: First of all, I have to play better

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans
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Because it wasn’t a standalone game, the Broncos’ latest loss to the Titans in Week 10 wasn’t as high-profile as some of their others this year.

But the 17-10 featured another ineffective offensive performance.

Nine games in, the Broncos have scored at least 20 points just twice this season. Their season high is 23, and that came in the Week Four loss to the Raiders. Last Sunday was the third time Denver has scored 10 points or fewer.

Quarterback Russell Wilson said on Wednesday that improvement has to start with him.

“First of all, I have to play better,” Wilson said in his press conference. “I’ve got to find ways to make some more plays for us, more touchdowns. And it’s something that you continue to work for every day. You focus on the little things, the fundamentals, the little things of the game.

“I’ve been down before. It doesn’t mean that we can’t come out on the other end of it all.”

Wilson mentioned that there’s “a lot of football left” — repeating the phrase two more times to stress the point.

“We’ve got to play at the highest level and we’ve got to play at the highest level each day in practice,” Wilson said.

The Broncos simply haven’t been doing that. Wilson took a season-high six sacks in last week’s loss, completing 21-of-42 passes for 286 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also fumbled three times, though the Broncos didn’t lose any of them.

Denver has a chance to start turning things around this week against Las Vegas — a team that could also use some positive energy after falling to Indianapolis in Week 10.

29 responses to “Russell Wilson: First of all, I have to play better

  1. Little Russy Wilson made a huge mistake forcing his way out of Seattle.

    Let’s face it – Pete Carroll made that SB team in 2012. Wilson was just along for the ride.
    Pete’s doing it again now…

  2. Gotta love that RW forced his way out of Seattle to go play behind a really bad offensive line.

  3. The decision to give him a massive extension with two years left on his existing contract will go down as one of the biggest blunders in NFL history.

  4. Oookaaay Russell(BLAH BLAH LOOK AT ME BLAH BLAH)Wilson, We hear ya all the times since you being here. Cheez can you stay out of spotlight.

  5. If the Broncos had scored at least 18 points in each of their games, they would be 8-1.

  6. The Broncos are 3-6. Had they scored 18 pts per game, they’d be 7-2 and tied with the Chiefs for the best record in the AFC West.

    Just 18 pts per game. Surely Russ can cook that well, right?

  7. He had a legacy going in Seattle. Now anything that he built up before is being torn down in front of our eyes. You can say it’s sad but he literally asked for it.

  8. “If the Broncos had scored at least 18 points in each of their games, they would be 8-1.”

    that shows just how bad the Broncos offense is.

  9. Does he think the fans aren’t aware it starts with him? Broncos fans get to “ride” with him for 4 more years lol worst rare ever

  10. Hackett will take the fall for giving into Wilson’s nicely worded demands for control of the offense.

    Carroll gave in a bit to him at times in the last couple years, but then pulled back control when he started to get too crazy or not adapt to teams adapting to Wilson.
    That drove Wilson nuts and he got Schottenheimer fired and the writing was on the wall.

    Just like so many smart decisions Seahawks have made (Sherman, Earl Thomas, Wagner) in moving away from once-top players a year earlier than most teams would, is paying off again.

  11. The GM is Kwesi says:
    November 16, 2022 at 5:58 pm
    If the Broncos had scored at least 18 points in each of their games, they would be 8-1.
    The math is not mathing. They lost to the Charger 19-16 and the Raiders 32-23. If they had only scored a whopping 18… they’ve only beat one team with a current winning record and that was by 1 point. Hey, let’s ride!

  12. Wilson is the third most sacked QB with a total of 29.

    Much worse pace than last year.

    So I guess that terrible offensive line followed Russ to Denver. That’s the only explanation.

    Because we all know it couldn’t be the fact Russ stands back there waiting for the bomb to open up.

  13. If the Broncos scored what they averaged last year in every game this year – you know last year with Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater – they’d be 8-1

    Oh, and they’d also have a first and second this year, a few extra good players and a heck of a lot more cap space.

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