Taylor Heinicke will start for Commanders vs. Texans

NFL:  Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles
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Taylor Heinicke will remain the Commanders’ starting quarterback for at least another week.

Heinicke will get the start against the Texans on Sunday, head coach Ron Rivera confirmed today.

Rivera has still not said whether Heinicke will hold onto the job when Carson Wentz is completely healthy, but given the Commanders’ results this season with Heinicke at the helm, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Wentz will get the job back. The Commanders are 3-1 in games started by Heinicke and 2-4 in games started by Wentz.

The Commanders appeared to be going nowhere when Wentz injured his right ring finger, but at 5-5 and coming off a win over the Eagles, they’re now very much alive in the playoff race.

16 responses to “Taylor Heinicke will start for Commanders vs. Texans

  1. Good job Ron. I’d pull Taylor out for Carson only if he loses two back-to-back games. Then, if the chance for the post-season becomes mathematically impossible, throw in Sam Howell to kick the tires for next year.

  2. I am willing to bet that they do the really stupid thing and give it back to Wentz. I don’t dislike Wentz, but the team honestly plays differently for TH. He (TH) isn’t a top tier QB talent wise but damn you gotta love the way TH plays! Taylor should have it the rest of the way and not have to look over his shoulder

  3. Every once and a while a team does everything in their power to replace a player, but the player just won’t go away. Heinicke is that player for the commanders.

  4. One day you’re trashing Dan the next day you’re rooting for him and his team and its so weird

  5. interrohater says:
    November 16, 2022 at 9:01 pm
    The Eagles benched Wentz twice lol


    They don’t win a super bowl if he doesn’t get them home field advantage.

  6. Heinicke doesn’t have the ceiling of a Wentz, but he does the one thing that Wentz has refused to do at every single place he has ever been: run the offense as it’s designed. Besides, this is the Texans and I could run for 105 against them. Let Taylor run. I think Wentz sees the field again this year, but I think Riverboat Ron runs a two QB system down the stretch using whoever gives him the best chance to win that week.

  7. Carson Yutz has no upside. We’ve seen all he can do and it has been a constant downhill slide. He is a mental and emotional snowflake who can’t shake negativity to excel. And he never makes his teammates better. And, the biggest crime, was he totally avoided throwing the ball to their best receiver. He may have an arm, but he has Jeff George’s disease – a leadership energy vampire.

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