The weekend forecast is getting no better for Browns-Bills

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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There’s nothing better than a snow game. Unless the snow keeps the game from happening.

Lots of snow is in the forecast for Buffalo this weekend. And the forecast seems to be getting worse.

Via, the end result could be up to six feet. For now, a lake effect snow warning has been issued, effective from 7:00 p.m. ET on Thursday until 1:00 p.m. ET on Sunday.

Via Alaina Getzenberg of, Bills coach Sean McDermott told reporters that the team has contingency plans in place, in the event that the team can’t get into the building on Friday or Saturday.

McDermott added that, for now, the Browns-Bills game is scheduled to proceed at the normal time and location — Sunday at 1:00 p.m. ET, via Matthew Bove of WKBW.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters on Wednesday that he’s been told that the storm could impact logistics for the game.

“For us, we just have to focus on what we have to do,” Stefanski added, via Chris Easterling of the Akron Beacon Journal.

“We continue to monitor the weather and have been in contact with both clubs,” Chief NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email regarding the game.

The league has move games in the past, due to winter weather. In 2010, a Vikings-Eagles game set for a Sunday night in late December was bumped to Tuesday night, due to a blizzard. In early 2017, an ice storm delayed the start of a Steelers-Chiefs playoff game from 1:05 p.m. ET to 8:30 p.m. ET.

Complicating the situation for the NFL is the fact that the Bills are set to play the Lions on Thanksgiving.

35 responses to “The weekend forecast is getting no better for Browns-Bills

  1. In the immortal words of Oil Can Boyd of the Red Sox when speaking about bad weather in Cleveland.. “That’s what you get when you build a stadium next to the ocean”

  2. Chubb and Hunt licking their chops vs that weak Run D. We all saw what NE did to them last year in bad weather. The weak minded Bill folded like a cheap suit when the tought got going.

  3. Hopefully when or if players start griping about playing in the snow they’ll realize they are getting paid to be in the snow. Fans are paying to be out in it lol.

  4. Maybe the snow will slow down the Bills running backs enough so that Myles Garrett can make more than the two tackles he made in the Browns loss to the Dolphins.

  5. The fact that the state-issued winter advisory ends at the exact same time that the state-funded football game starts with 72,000 paying spectators showing up. Feels like collusion at the highest level.

  6. But isn’t the natural grass gonna be slick and terrible? Isnt that dangerous? (clutching pearls)

  7. Anyone remember the Eagles-Lions game played in the snow in 2013? That was pretty cool to watch

  8. It’s not just players not wanting to play in the snow. It’s also that the City of Buffalo will need infrastructure put towards dealing with a massive winter storm, not getting a football game played.

  9. Moving the Thursday game seems like the right thing to do if they have to postpone the game a day or two.

  10. The bulk of the heavy snow is forecast for Friday with Sunday being dry. This is not going to be a snow game. Fans might have trouble getting there and finding parking and seats that aren’t covered in snow, but the field will be mostly fine.

  11. So the Bills can’t play in the extreme heat in Miami, and now they can’t play in a blizzard?? Seems like a soft team to me.

  12. Look at what happened to the Bills when the Patriots went up to Orchard Park and played them in bad weather last year.. The Bills couldn’t handle it. Maybe they are soft.

  13. Why not just play the game in Detroit? Lions are at the Giants. Then the Bills can just stick around until Thursday.

  14. It sounds like the snowfall will be over before kickoff, but there will obviously be lots of snow all over the stadium, parking lot, streets in Buffalo, etc. Seems more like an issue for the fans than the actual game…assuming the Browns can get there!
    US90 pretty much follows the Lake Erie shoreline all the from Cle to Buff, so it could be impassable with lake effect snow.

  15. Snow games are great. A lot of slipping and sliding and unpredictable behavior when throwing the football. I remember watching a game during blizzard conditions some 20 years ago on TV when it got so bad you couldn’t tell what was happening on the field. Many field goals were missed that day. Oh what great fun…expect a sleight to show up at the 50 yard line.

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