Aaron Donald on bad season for Rams: “You just got to keep playing”

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Defensive tackle Aaron Donald considered retiring after winning the Super Bowl. The lure of another one, plus a massive new contract, persuaded him to stay.

He possibly wishes he hadn’t.

Unlike players such as Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, Donald has not yet been asked whether he regrets his decision to return. Meeting with reporters on Thursday, Donald addressed how the Rams keep going when the season isn’t unfolding the way the team had envisioned.

“You just got to keep playing,” Donald said. “Just keep playing and trying to find a way to win. That’s it.”

Does he think things can change for the 3-6 Rams?

“Just play,” Donald said. “You just got to play. There’s obviously a lot of things that aren’t going our way. Nobody wants to be in this position, but we’re here now. All we can do is keep playing. . . .

“It isn’t a good season. Obviously, we aren’t getting it done, we aren’t playing good enough as a team, so obviously you want to fix those things and try to find a way to win some games and stack something, but the only thing you can do now is control what you can control and just play the game.”

With Cooper Kupp on IR after undergoing ankle surgery, it’s hard to imagine the Rams turning it around. It would have been impossible to predict that the season would go this way.

“I don’t think anybody [envisioned it],” Donald said. “Nobody expected to be in a position where you’re 3-6 after coming off the season we had. But we’re here now, there’s nothing you could do but just continue to play and can try to control what you can control. . . [W]e’re in the moment, we’re here now, so just got to try to find a way to dig ourselves out of a hole.”

Maybe they can. If they do, they’ll have to do it without Kupp, for the foreseeable future. Given that there’s really no other viable option in the passing game, it’s hard to envision the Rams turning it around.

The Rams aren’t done yet. But it’s getting close. With road games coming up against the Saints and Chiefs, it could be essentially over in 10 days.

7 responses to “Aaron Donald on bad season for Rams: “You just got to keep playing”

  1. Does he now pretend to not know who Christian McCaffrey is like he does deebo samuel? 🤡

  2. if he and the coach want to retire this of season i don’t think anyone will really care outside of the media

  3. He came back for the money. No other reason. If he came back to win, he’d take a minimum deal so the team could afford more good players.

  4. I like Sean McVay, good coach and good dude. That said, I remember thinking the second he laughed maniacally at the Patriots for drafting Cole Strange: This gel-haired hollywood bro must be sure as day that his team won’t have a SB hangover. Narrator: The gel-haired hollywood bro would most certainly experience a horrifying SB hangover

  5. There’s currently only one World Champion, and that is the Los Angeles Rams. let that sink in. Take a breath. World Champs. Trophy already in the case. Repeating as world champs has proven to be very difficult throughout NFL history. It takes a lot of good breaks and a lot of healthy bodies, and good coaching. That’s hard for teams to do two years in a row, as history proves. But the season is far from over. I expect Tom Brady to make a big run toward the end of the season. The Rams could, too. At this time last season nobody was even talking about the Rams. There isn’t a super dominant team so far this year. The Rams are still very much alive.

  6. Maybe if the already-wealthy Donald didn’t demand even more money this offseason, the Rams might have been able to fit better depth under their cap than they have right now? Does he have a quote about that?

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