Fritz Pollard Alliance initiates inquiry on Colts interim coaching hire

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The Rooney Rule apparently doesn’t apply to interim coaching hires. There are, however, apparently some “guidelines” that may not have been followed.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance has issued a statement announcing the commencement of an investigation as to whether those guidelines were followed during last week’s interim head coach hiring process in Indianapolis.

“In light of the recent interim head coaching hire in Indianapolis, the FPA has initiated an inquiry with the NFL into whether this hiring process conformed with NFL Hiring Guidelines for naming an interim Head Coach,” the Fritz Pollard Alliance said in a statement issued on Thursday.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance issued a statement last week, in the aftermath of Colts owner Jim Irsay’s hiring of Jeff Saturday, expressing concern over the process — and suggesting that it should be applied in interim hiring situations. At a minimum, the Rooney Rule should apply where the hire comes from outside the current coaching staff.

Full compliance with the Rooney Rule will be required once the season ends, and the Colts begin the formal process of hiring a coach. With Irsay already giving off vibes that Saturday will be his guy for 2023, Irsay could have a hard time persuading minority candidates to interview for the job.

The fact that Irsay has hired two Black coaches since 2002 doesn’t give him a free pass when it comes to compliance now or in the future. The rule is in place to rectify decades of questionable hiring practices throughout the entire league, and the owners decided 20 years ago to make it a mandatory part of the every hiring process for head coaches.

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  1. If Irsay wants Saturday for next season, he can interview Tony Dungy who owes Irsay a lot, and Tony will take the interview, say no thanks and Rooney is satisfied.

    If Irsay wants to quiet the masses, he can say, “Saturday is only for this season. He is out at year end”

  2. As has been well established, the Rooney Rule does not currently apply to interim head coaching hires, and as such, Irsay appointing Jeff Saturday without interviewing minority candidates is perfectly fine. If there are other “guidelines” regarding the hiring of an interim head coach that Irsay did not follow, it does not matter because guidelines are suggestions rather than mandatory rules. On the other hand, if there are actual rules that Irsay violated with his hire of Saturday, please publish the rule or rules that he violated along with the source.

  3. During the Giants game the only good thing that was said about the Texans was Lovie Smith had an epic beard ! Iam sure the owner feels he getting his monies worth with that hire !

  4. It won’t be hard finding candidates to interview to fulfill the Rooney Rule. They should interview Stephen A or Bart Scott.

  5. Instead of worrying about the color of somebody’s skin, hire the person who can do the best job.

  6. Let’s also open an investigation into how Bill Cowher got that sweet CBS network gig. I think there are broadcast journalist graduates around the country who are more qualified.

    What is the implied message here? That Jim Irsay would never hire an African-American head coach? That’s patently false, he’s done it twice. Both of whom took the Colts to the Super Bowl. This is a solution in search of a problem.

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