Matt Ryan: Honesty, this is a situation I know

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
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Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday put Matt Ryan back in the saddle as QB1 last week and the move paid off with a 25-20 victory over the Raiders.

After a rocky few weeks, Ryan is officially the club’s starting quarterback again. And that is much more familiar to him as the team prepares to face the Eagles in Week 11.

“Honestly, this is a situation I know,” Ryan said in his Wednesday press conference. “So, it puts me in the position of — kind of what I told him last week was there really is only one way I know how to do this and I’m going to do it that way and I’m going to give you everything I got. Fall back into that, fall back into the normal routine of the week and trying to get myself as prepared and ready to go and making sure the guys around me are doing that as well.”

Ryan has been a starting quarterback since entering the league back in 2008, so being benched was unfamiliar territory. Teammates have lauded Ryan as being a “total pro” throughout the entire situation. But Ryan admitted he had some venting sessions with his wife.

“[S]he hears probably some of the things you’d like to hear,” Ryan said with a laugh. “But I keep them there. Again, you have family around you that you kind of support and friends and guys that I’ve developed really good relationships along the way that can kind of help you through those things.”

Ryan was also dealing with a shoulder injury, but said it feels good now.

The quarterback will have to put together another strong performance to help Indianapolis defeat Philadelphia on Sunday.

5 responses to “Matt Ryan: Honesty, this is a situation I know

  1. Feel bad for Ryan. At some point the mainstream narrative with the Colts issues need to be ownership. I mean people flirt with it, call Irsay bad and what not, but then for the past three years or so the issue has been everybody aimed at everybody else post Andrew Luck retiring because ownership not keeping up right.

  2. I may not think much of Mr. Regular Season, but he has high integrity as a man and never causes issues with his on or off the field conduct. He was really treated poorly the last few years in ATL and ever since he got to Indy.

  3. No interceptions and no fumbles the rest of the year and he’ll get another chance next year. Make more mistakes and watch the opportunities vanish. Frankly, it’s in his financial best interests to play with reckless abandon. Getting hurt is the most likely shot at getting paid next year. The only other option is to play better than he ever has.

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