MetLife Stadium replacing field in offseason but not with grass

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MetLife Stadium, home of the Giants and Jets, will get a new field in 2023. But it won’t be grass.

Officials are reviewing proposals to replace the current FieldTurf with a new synthetic surface, ESPN reports. MetLife is one of six NFL stadiums with a slit-film surface that the NFLPA has waged war against, citing higher injury numbers.

NFLPA president JC Tretter said last week “the injuries on slit film are completely avoidable — both the NFL and NFLPA experts agree on the data — and yet the NFL will not protect players from a subpar surface.”

The NFL disagrees.

MetLife Stadium authorities, in a statement to ESPN, said they have not settled on the type of artificial surface yet: “We evaluate our field each season and historically have replaced our playing surface every 3-4 years. We have made the decision to replace the field in 2023 and are currently reviewing proposals from multiple vendors for a new synthetic surface.”

Julian Love, the Giants player rep, told NJ Advance Media Wednesday players were hoping for a move to grass because “the stats have shown we are on one of the worst fields in the league.”

The NFLPA said in a statement to ESPN about MetLife’s plans, “The players have been vocal and clear about this issue, and it is a good step to hear them that change needs to be made. The change will not come soon enough, though, for players who will be at greater risk the rest of the season. We expect that whatever surface gets installed next year will meet the highest safety and performance standards possible.”

5 responses to “MetLife Stadium replacing field in offseason but not with grass

  1. Paul Brown Stadium should be first on the list. That turf is so old and battered that you can see all the black pellets through the paint. Cheap owner doing his best to penny pinch and run his players into the ground.

  2. Every single High School and College that uses slit-film FieldTurf should be replaced…NOW. And frankly FieldTurf Inc. should get rid of the stuff immediately. They shouldn’t even be offering it as an option for any type of athletic field.

  3. I agree Paul Brown Stadium needs new Turf but you can’t really say they’re cheap because they just replaced it in 2018.

  4. The NFL & NFLPA sound a lot like our dysfunctional government – just kicking the can down the road!

  5. I would have no problem if the players went on strike over this issue. No reason that the NFL can’t have grass at all stadiums.

    If the pot industry grows ~1/3 of it’s 30 million pounds of cannabis a year indoors…I’m pretty sure big brain somewhere can figure out how to grass in a handful of domes.

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