NFL moves Browns-Bills game to Detroit

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
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There will not be a snow globe game in Buffalo this Sunday.

Forecasts of a prolonged and paralyzing snow storm in and around Buffalo in the coming days has led the NFL to move Sunday’s game between the Browns and the Bills. As many expected, the NFL has announced that the game will move to Detroit’s Ford Field.

The game will still kick off at 1 p.m. ET.

Detroit made for a natural landing spot because the stadium has a roof, the Lions will be in New Jersey to play the Giants, and the Bills are already scheduled to be there for a Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions. It’s not clear if the Bills will stay in Detroit, but returning to Buffalo may not be logistically possible if the storm is as massive as predicted.

It’s not the first time that the Bills have had a home game moved to Ford Field because of weather. A 2014 game against the Jets also moved and that one also moved back a night, but postponement was more difficult this time because of the quick turnaround to Thanksgiving for the Bills.

64 responses to “NFL moves Browns-Bills game to Detroit

  1. LOL 3-6 feet of snow? Smart move. Don’t endanger the coaches, player, stadium personnel and fans.

  2. As a season ticket holder, I’m relieved. People have no idea how dangerous it is with that much snow.

    For some reason we treat snowstorms unlike other major weather events when they are just as dangerous.

  3. So the Bills use the Lions locker room and facilities correct? Also, can I get tickets?

  4. I know that part of the country is used to big snow falls but 4 feet is obscene. This is the right call due to limited resources to plow it and the fact that roads may not be passable.

  5. If you listen carefully, the crying you hear came of all those people that think football should only be played in an open air stadium.

  6. Absolutely the lamest of lame. I am bringing 10 people into Buffalo for this game from out of town and now I have to get everyone to Detroit, this is trash. I just spent the past two days telling them all how amazing the snow bowl game against the Colts was…..

    Bush league, soft.

  7. Que the idiots who think this has to do with Sunday itself, missing the point that Cleveland can’t get to the stadium if there are driving bans through Sunday morning, like there probably will be.

  8. I enjoyed snow a lot as a child. When you become adult, snow is for the birds.
    The game isn’t being moved because of any effect the snow may have on the game but because simply getting to the game will be challenging.

  9. Lame… Just more proof that the league is all in on a Bills Super Bowl appearance…

    Good luck with that one. 🤣🤣🤣🐬

  10. I would be a little upset if I was a Bill’s fan. I think they know how to deal with snow

  11. Detroit is a better choice than Toronto. The Bills would have less fans at a home game in Toronto than their opponents did. Detroit is a like a sister city to Buffalo. Before the Pegula’s, Ralph Wilson owned the team for severals decades who was a Native Detroitian.(Sorry if that’s not actually a word).Go Bills!

  12. I started seeing the trend of enclosed stadiums when it became much more expensive to attend an NFL game. The fans attending games now aren’t the Joe Sixpack drunk guys who sit on a forklift’s all week long. It’s people with lots of money to throw around. You see team fans traveling to away games. That’s not cheap. So these enclosed stadiums are for people who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend games, and frankly they like to be comfortable. And when the biggest fear the league has is fans find it much more easy to sit in their living rooms watching on their 4D Plasma television sets, all they can do to compete is make the Stadium experience as if they were in their living rooms.

  13. Bummer. We here in western NY can handle snow, and I’m sure the field would be fine. However, there’s really just nowhere to put that much snow when you clear it. I’d rather have the game in Buffalo in the snow, but I get the safety concerns.

  14. This is weak sauce. Buffalo is where it is….they should play where they live. The NFL changing where a game is played is untoward….don’t want games played in northern New York? Don’t have a team in northern New York. Have one there? Play games there

  15. austinspencer says:
    November 17, 2022 at 4:26 pm
    LOL 3-6 feet of snow? Smart move. Don’t endanger the coaches, player, stadium personnel and fans.
    This guy gets it.
    You know Bills fans were going to fill the stadium like they always do… so why risk lives during a state of emergency snowstorm that has already shut down the I-90 thruway? It’s just not worth the risk. Smart move by the league.

  16. Also looking forward to the conspiracy theorists claiming this is to help the Bills. As if taking away a home game is helpful to any team.

  17. I was born and raised in the upper Midwest, and while I’ve been through my share of snowstorms, I admit that I’ve never had to deal with 3-6 FEET of the stuff. That being said, it’s been my experience that the bigger the storm that is predicted, the less you actually get. This is embarrassing that they had to move it in the first place and will be even more embarrassing when this storm doesn’t live up to the hype.

    Oh and also, add me to the list of the people who are “crying” that football should only be played in open air stadiums… you’re damn right it should!!

  18. People saying it’s only snow, don’t live in the Great Lakes area. Those of you saying you’re disappointed, wouldn’t have made it to the game anyway.

  19. Because the Lions play the Bills on Thanksgiving, I wonder if the Detroiters will cheer for Cleveland?

  20. This would have been fun to watch on TV, but they made the right call for public good. Of course, if the storm fades and it’s only like 4″ of snow it’s going to feel bad.

  21. triffidbunt0v says:
    November 17, 2022 at 4:33 pm
    What happens if it snows during the playoffs in Buffalo?


    Simple, they move that game to Detroit also. After all the Lions won’t be using it…

  22. Speaking of Detroit, I can remember when the Lions played the Eagles in a heavy snow game in Philly in 2013 and the Detroit safety wearing 27, I believe Quinn, made the “business decisions” to never tackle Shady McCoy, who ran for over 200 yards in that game …

  23. Hopefully fans will get a refund on their tickets.

    If not, then a lawsuit should be ready to go.

  24. “What happens if it snows during the playoffs in Buffalo”

    We would never get a lake effect event like that in January, for those who do not life near a great lake, the reason the snow forecast is so extreme, is because Lake Eire is still relatively warm, and the forecast is for well below average temperatures.

  25. Good decision. Hopefully they will take care of ticket holders who, at this point, will have just as hard a time getting to Detroit as they would getting to the stadium on Sunday in Buffalo.

  26. They could have postponed the game til January and play in foxboro, the patriots won’t be needing it

  27. The only chance the Browns had to win just melted…unlike the 6′ of snow that will still be in Buffalo on Sunday.

  28. cheekflamingoz says:
    November 17, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    They could have postponed the game til January and play in foxboro, the patriots won’t be needing it


    You mean the Patriots who are one game back from the third-place Bills in the AFC East?

  29. Let’s play in the plain old generic Detroit domed stadium. Rather see the snow and 30,000 real fans.

  30. For all the people that are pissed that this game got moved. The NFL did the right thing. We need the services that would be otherwise used for the game. Police, department of public works and everything else that goes with maintaining the storm response. People die in these storms. Quit being a Karen or Darren because you think you know what’s right. Chances are you’ve never seen these types of storms. You sit there in your recliner and watch tv show you some footage of the storm but have NO idea what goes into dealing with this type of weather. Down vote this all you want. It will show your ignorance to all of this. Will prove my point even further.

  31. Biggest disappointment of the week snow games the the most fun games there are in all of sports.
    i can remember November snow games at our local college now we have no real snow games. Call it what you will blame whoever but snow here in this part of Ohio is rarer then it ever was .

  32. Why didn’t they move/ make it to Monday night double header since the snow will stop on Saturday they could have easily done it.

  33. Make the price of admission 12.00 so the average fans can attend a game versus the rich and well off .

  34. Yes I do mean the last place Patriots. Enjoy your mid season bravado, because there won’t be anything to talk about cone playoff time.

    I seem to recall pats fans rejoicing about stealing the division back from the Bills in the middle of last season and we all know how that went.

  35. You could place a pea under the mattress of the average NFL player and he wouldn’t get a wink of sleep..

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