Would Reggie Wayne have accepted the interim coaching job in Indy? “Shit yeah”

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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When Colts owner Jim Irsay hired an interim coach last week, he opted for a former Colts player not currently on the coaching staff. Irsay, however, already had a former Colts player on the coaching staff.

Reggie Wayne joined the team in March as receivers coach. He was asked on Thursday whether he could have accepted the interim gig.

Shit yeah,” Wayne said, via Zak Keefer of TheAtletic.com. “Why wouldn’t I?”

He wasn’t offered the chance. No one other than Saturday was, apparently.

It would have been easier to sell Wayne or any other current member of the coaching staff. It would have been easier to sell Saturday, if he’d accepted either of the two offers to become the team’s offensive line coach. He made it harder for Irsay to justify the hire by not grabbing an oar and rowing, before becoming the captain.

Irsay may have gravitated toward Saturday due to his experience as an offensive lineman. As Keefer explains in a separate article, Saturday successfully pushed the buttons of the team’s underachieving blockers in Sunday’s win at Las Vegas.

Regardless, it’s working. For now. And if it keeps working, it opens up a new avenue for owners to find head coaches.

There’s still a potential impact of this approach on the current coaching industry. Assistant coaches toil under the vague promise of upward mobility, with a head-coaching gig serving as the primary motivator to keep grinding.

In law firms, for example, partnership is the carrot that gets dangled to persuade associates to outperform their current compensation levels. If, all of a sudden, the firm will be passing them over to add partners who never even went to law school, that would affect the morale of the associates.

With it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, you get the point. It’s not about Jeff Saturday. It’s about owners finding a way to short-circuit the traditional hiring process — and possibly saving plenty of money along the way.

15 responses to “Would Reggie Wayne have accepted the interim coaching job in Indy? “Shit yeah”

  1. I’m pretty sure any football coach would accept the chance to be HC of a NFL team.

    Go ask the QB coach. He’d say yes too.

  2. This has been the way companies have worked forever, people get passed over everyday most of the time for people who have a relationship with the boss. The only real difference here is the boss can’t get fired. A traditional relationship if this happens and they hire buddies over better picks is they will eventually get fired if they do it too many times and it ends up a problem

  3. Why do fans or anyone other than the owners think thus should have any say as to whom an owner of a private business hires or not?

  4. High six figure salaries and the allure of not having a real job are the actual motivators for “The Grind”.

    I spend 12-14 hours a day thinking about football too, 365 days a year.

    Most of us would do it for free.

  5. Without the media the NFL wouldn’t be the behemoth that they are. Only one time before in the history of the NFL has a former and great player I might add, been made a head coach, and as you might have guessed,it didn’t work. So yeah, when you do something a bit nutty, questions are going to be asked, and you do have to justify it. Remember all the people that buy tickets and other crap from their favorite teams with hard earned money? Yeah, it needs to be justified..

  6. 6 months as a receivers coach doesn’t give you any more qualification to be a head coach. It would be every bit as “crazy”.

    As for how crazy it actually is, take a look at the paths of coaches hired over the past decade. There are some who’ve gotten the shot with very thin resumes and/or no head coaching experience. Some get more scrutiny than others.

  7. I`m not a Colts fan per say but i live in Indy and most of my friends and family are Colts fans so i root for them. I told them the Colts would beat the Raiders because of the emotional lift Saturday would give them but Colts fans need to stop acting like that win means anything.
    That was the easy game! The Raiders were just as dysfunctional and the Colts were hard to prepare for with a new play caller but they are going to get worse every game as other coaching staffs start getting more info and take advantage of not only Saturday but of Parks Frazier.
    I will be surprised if they win more than 2 more games this season so lets not start celebrating this move like it`s a success because of beating a team that just blew a 17 point lead to the Jacksonville Jaguars! Good coaching staffs will take advantage of them. The Raiders just don`t have one.

  8. It’s an insult to the coaching profession in general and a slap in the face to the current coaching staff specifically. It devalues the profession, and it undermines the credibility of the NFL as a whole. I’m paying a lot in ticket prices, food, taxes for private stadiums, merchandise, parking etc. Every ticketholder, taxpayer and fan has the right to question this hiring. As does everyone who bets on the NFL. All these years the NFL has presented itself as “the best of the best”. Hiring someone with no experience whatsoever sends a terrible message to the fans. This is the head coach of an NFL team. Are GMs next?
    Qualifications matter. Experience matters. Putting in the work matters. Credibility matters. The quality of the game depends on it.
    Regarding the money saved by this kind of hiring, don’t get too excited; the prices won’t go down, only the quality of the product will.

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