Aaron Rodgers: “I missed a couple of throws, for sure”


The Packers had an opportunity to win their second home game in less than a week, four days after upsetting the Cowboys. For as good as Green Bay looked against Dallas on Sunday, they were the exact opposite of it on Thursday night.

After the game, quarterback Aaron Rodgers faced a stream of pointed questions about the team’s disappointing performance — starting with his own.

“I missed a couple of throws, for sure,” Rodgers told reporters. “I definitely missed a couple throws.”

Indeed he did. It became the most obvious in the fourth quarter, as the Packers tried to carve into a 10-point deficit. On one drive, after a Rasul Douglas interception of Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill held the score at 27-17, Rodgers badly missed a wide-open Sammy Watkins on third and 12. On the next drive, Rodgers sailed a throw over the outstretched arms of Allen Lazard on third and three.

Both outcomes sparked a smattering of boos from the crowd at Lambeau Field. Rodgers was asked how it felt hear that reaction from Packers fans.

“Interesting,” he said after a long pause. “That’s the best I can give you.”

It’s hard to know whether Rodgers is truly able to give his best on the field, due to a thumb injury that dates back to their loss to the Giants in London. He said he won’t make excuses based on the lingering issue, but he added that he “didn’t have a consistent grip” against the Titans, and that he “threw a lot of wobblers.”

At one point, he was asked, “Where do you go from here?”

“Home,” he said.

The literal response carried a potentially unintended meaning. At 4-7, they’re teetering on the brink of going home, as it relates to their shrinking postseason hopes.

There was still a flicker of optimism from the two-time defending league MVP.

“If we play up to our potential, we can win the next six games,” Rodgers said.

The problem is that they haven’t been playing up to their potential, for most of the year. He said it will take more than him and the rest of the team captains to get the message to the locker room at large about the chances of turning it around.

On Sunday, they showed what they can do. But they need to do it consistently. They could run the ball against the Cowboys. They couldn’t run it against the Titans.

That’s the basic reality for every NFL team. The talent gap among the franchises isn’t as big as it once was. In every game, both teams are hoping to play to their potential. If one does, the other one necessarily doesn’t.

Seven out of 11 times this year, the Packers haven’t. While it’s not impossible to think they can go six for six and get to the playoffs, each additional loss at this point will close the door a little bit more.

At some point, they may need to admit that it’s just not going to happen. Maybe that’s when Rodgers heads to injured reserve, Jordan Love gets some reps in preparation for 2023, and one of the best quarterbacks of all time sees his career end with a whimper, not a bang.

That possibility remains several games away. With Rodgers at the helm, they’re capable of catching fire, of putting a string of victories together.

The next chance comes in 10 days, when they face the Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday Night Football. After that, the Packers go to Chicago. Then comes a bye, followed by a Monday night game against the Rams, a Christmas day visit to Miami, and season-ending home games against the Vikings and Lions.

The seventeenth game keeps hope alive a little longer for every team. Prior to 2021, the Packers possibly would already be done, at 4-7. A loss to Philly in Week 12 likely will mean that they’d need to go 5-0 and hope for help to get to the playoffs with a 9-8 record.

So, basically, the playoffs start for the Packers next Sunday night. If they lose to the Eagles, it could be time to start thinking about turning the page to 2023, which also could mean finally closing the book on the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay.

Again, it’s not over. Not by a long shot. After one of these upcoming games, however, when Rodgers is asked where he goes from here and he says “home,” it could have a far greater sense of permanence.

63 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: “I missed a couple of throws, for sure”

  1. They look lost. He looks lost. The Packers defense can play pretty well but they need some points on the board to fall back on. They have 2 pretty capable backs but their line play leaves a lot to be desired. Play calling is exactly the same as having Adams in their lineup. This falls on the coach and front office as much as Rodgers. Too many deep routes without the weapons to do it. Aaron Jones isn’t looking like the stud he was prior without Adams opening things up. The play call sheet needs to match the talent and it doesn’t. A couple of bad throws shouldn’t affect the outcome this much. There’s more wrong with GB than just the QB and I hope people notice this. Adams also isn’t the same player without Rodgers either. Jordan Love won’t make this look any better.

  2. Pretty classless for you GB fans to boo your SB winning 4x MVP. Sure he’s washed up, but your crazy front office paid him big to come back even though he clearly wanted to retire.

    What’d you really expect?

  3. If you want out next year just let Gute know before draft day, no hard feelings. Go take care of your thumb. Jordan Love final exam time.

  4. Rodgers is intentionally playing poorly in the hopes his coach is fired. Sure looks that way to me anyway

  5. No way will the Packers go into Philadelphia and beat the Eagles. Then after that go 5-0 to be 9-8 and get last playoff spot. The cheese in Green Bay is already moldy and getting moldier.

  6. “That’s the best I can give you.”
    When Rodgers teammates said that Rodgers publically said they should be benched

  7. He said he won’t make excuses based on the lingering issue, but he added that he “didn’t have a consistent grip
    I won’t make excuses but here is an excuse

  8. MLF needs to completely clean house on the coaching staff. Barry doesn’t have a clue, especially about in-game adjustments. Bisaccia hasn’t made the special teams any better. And no one else has distinguished themselves either. It’s time to get a better draft evaluator than Gutekunst too. Start planning now, because this season is over.

  9. He’s washed looks more and more like Philip Rivers as each game passes. Tom Brady had a bad team with only one true receiving threat in Edelman in 2019 and led his team to 12-4 at 42 years old. Rodgers fans always have excuses why Mr Bigtime always seems to come up little! Talent or not it’s been like this for over 10 years

  10. the Packers have MAYBE 3 wins left on that schedule. Have to at least put up a fight against the Titans at home but they showed nothing except that Christian Watson can be really good, and Rodgers should make way for Jordan Love at this point like the author mentioned

  11. So, Arrogant Aaron finds their current situation “interesting.”

    What I find interesting is Aaron’s complete and total collapse from reigning back-to-back league MVP to complete and total g-o-a-t. (lower case letters used for emphasis)

    There’s no way you can pin this all on the loss of Adams.

    Enjoy the ride, Aaron.

  12. Rodgers said. “This week we didn’t play as complimentary in all three phases
    Always one to blame others

  13. “That’s the basic reality for every NFL team. The talent gap among the franchises isn’t as big as it once was. In every game, both teams are hoping to play to their potential. If one does, the other one necessarily doesn’t.”

    That sounds bizarrely parallel to Hackett’s ‘Every team in the NFL is good… but one of us has to win’ quote, which you mocked him for.

    What else is bizarre, is how contrasting your commentary is between the Broncos at 3-6, who you say would be fitting if they tied the Raiders because of how bad both teams are, and the Packers at 4-7, who still have a shot to MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. Wow. That 3.1% greater winrate (with two less games to play) must really go a long way with you!

  14. I hear Denver is looking for a QB. They might be willing to cough up a couple 1’s and 2’s in 2024/25, and heck they’d probably be willing to throw in their starting QB too.

  15. Come on — Packers are not going to the postseason. I’m a lifelong Packers fan who sold hot dogs in the stands when the team played half its home schedule in Milwaukee. We always take the long-term view. This season there is no post-season for the team.

    Nest year we’ll try again. There is an off-season coming for Gutey to right the ship.

    Meanwhile, congrats to the Vikes. 2022 is your year.

  16. So what are the chances of Jordan Love becoming a HOFer? Because if he is not, we start the packers decade of fail.

  17. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Win next week against the Eagles 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Win the next 6 games 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Reminds me of the time Macho Man Randy Savage beat Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell for the belt back in 1989.

  19. Just not the same guy anymore. Age, commitment level, declining skills, whatever, but he’s just another guy at this point in his career. His ego is still as enormous as ever, though, so there’s that.

  20. This is one of the best-written articles of the year.
    Including a 360-degree view of GB’s season past, present, and future, and boiling it down into a fine, power-punch package to wake up to on a Friday morning.

  21. The time has come that his young WR’s start to roll there eyes and blaming to the media the old inaccurate QB for his terrible throws.

  22. It’s over. And everyone knows that. The Packers just aren’t a good team. And Rogers is showing his age, despite his massive ego and $50mm per year contract.

  23. Rodgers is showing all of the signs of a player who has overstayed his welcome in the NFL. Time to retire.

  24. Again, it’s not over. Not by a long shot.


    Other than playing spoiler? It’s over, even if nobody will admit it. Division is out of reach and you probably have to go 6-6 just make a wild card.

    To go 6-6 they would need prime Rodgers throwing to prime Adams and both those ships have sailed.

  25. “At one point, he was asked, “Where do you go from here?”

    “Home,” he said.”

    And based on comments of many of the Packer faithful, they can hardly wait for you to go home. Despite the $100M cap hit next year.

  26. Put a fork in the Packers. They are done. Time to put Rodgers on the shelf and see what Jordan Love can do.

  27. “The problem is that they haven’t been playing up to their potential, for most of the year.”///// I completely disagree. After 11 games, this is who they are. This is “their potential”. This is as good as it gets. The Titans were 5-1 in their last 6, only losing in OT against the Chiefs. The Packers were 1-5, only winning an OT game. And somehow, some thought the Packers were going to win? Father time has arrived for a one Aaron Rodgers.

  28. What many people seem to forget is that the way Rodgers is playing now is almost exactly the way he played the year prior to GB drafting Love. Everyone forgets how bad he was after he strung two MVP seasons together.

  29. Rodgers was so excited at the end of that Dallas game I really thought that could be a turning point for them since he’d seemed completely disinterested for every game prior to that. But he slid right back into apathy last night.

  30. Jordan Love Time Baby ! I’m serious they have to see what they have in him. 7 losses they’re eliminated.

  31. Way more than a couple. Fans deserve to boo when you watch how the Packers are playing, they want applause when they are playing well so it goes both ways.

  32. nflpoker says:
    November 18, 2022 at 1:02 am
    No way will the Packers go into Philadelphia and beat the Eagles. Then after that go 5-0 to be 9-8 and get last playoff spot. The cheese in Green Bay is already moldy and getting moldier.


    If football goes the way it has they will blow out the Eagles, then get swept the rest of the year. Or if Miami is still a frontrunning heavy hitter they might win that one too. But still lose to the others on the schedule. Bizarro scoreboard.

  33. The Packers are a mess. They are totally out of sync. When Rodgers did make great passes, they were often dropped. When he had wide open receivers, he missed them a lot.

    It’s possible that things click and they go on a good run to the playoffs, but I sure as heck wouldn’t bet on it.

  34. And based on comments of many of the Packer faithful, they can hardly wait for you to go home. Despite the $100M cap hit next year.

    Its $40~mil if he retires, and it can be split over 2 seasons.

  35. Jordan Love Time Baby !

    People can’t possibly be excited about this??!

    If he was any good, the Packers wouldn’t have given Rodgers that massive extension…

  36. I still think that the Packers will be a much better team when Rodgers leaves and takes his crappy attitude with him. A guy that has no respect for his head coach and most of his team mates is not going to help the team win. Time for a change in GB.

  37. jxegh says:
    November 18, 2022 at 2:15 am
    Missed a couple of throws? Slang for “It wasn’t my fault!”

    I’m not a Rodgers fan but if he accepts some blame just give it to him.
    Rodgers isn’t looking great but to be honest I don’t know how much of this is on him or others. Under pressure a fair bit and when he was under pressure where were the receivers coming back to give him a target? That’s on the receivers and the coaching. No way you see that with KC or other well coached teams.
    I’d say some of the play calling was suspect as well but that might be nitpicking. The reality is the Packers lack of depth is showing, especially on offense. They are not a playoff contending team at this point. They were soundly defeated by a team with several starters out on both sides of the ball.

  38. The guy is a petulant prickly-pear, minus the ly-pear.

    Just hang ’em up already and start your podcast career, Erin. You and Russ can hang out with your gold jackets and one ring together.

  39. When do they begin tanking, or have they already?

    It should start now. This was their last shot at turning it around.

    Philly, Minnesota, and Miami are still on the schedule.

    Lose out. Get an elite pass rusher or receiver near the top of the Draft.

  40. He was out of sync with his receivers. It looked like they weren’t on the same page. I’m not a Packers fan. Far from it. But a lot of this is on the Green Bay receivers. There were a few plays that looked like a bigger receiver would have caught the ball. I wondered if not leaving their feet to catch the ball was a business decision by the receiver?

    Rodgers probably has another year of high quality football left in him, but will he want to do that on what looks like will be a lousy Green Bay team next year?

  41. When Rodgers demanded to be the highest paid the end of last season the Pack should have traded him(they would have been numerous takers and a bidding war) and used the money and picks to start the rebuild with Love under center and see what he had this season then if he didn’t work out go after a QB in the ’23 Draft! After this season Rodgers will be 39YO with a bad season and the Pack won’t be able to get anywhere close to as much for him as they would have the end of last season.

    I bet they’ve have at least been in contention because they’d have been able to retain all of the other players including Adams.

    You can’t pay these QB the way they want and still keep the team competitive, you’re going to have to get rid of some talent just to pay the QB!

    FACT #1) if you take Brady’s years after his rookie contract out of the stats then it shows that QBs on their rookie contract account for almost 50% of the Super Bowl winners since 2000!

    FACT #2) ONLY 1 time since 2000 has a top 5 paid QB won a Super Bowl!

  42. Fact #3) despite your previous facts, NFL teams pay these top QBs over and over and over again. Burrow, Herbert and Jackson are next.

    If the model is so broken, why do they keep doing it?…..

    Tannehill and Mahomes are 1 and 2 this year. Pretty good chance one of them takes the hardware.

  43. tecmosuperbowl says:
    November 18, 2022 at 11:54 am
    Does Rodgers know the definition of “couple?”


    Of course he does, he is the guy who defines what that means and we go by that.

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