AP makes important rule change to voting for awards

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For years, the Associated Press has issued various awards after each football season. This year, the AP has made an important change to the voting rules.

For MVP, the 50 voters will no longer cast a single, all-in ballot. Instead, each voter will name five players, ranking them first through fifth. A weighted system will determine the winner.

For all other awards (offensive player of the year, defensive player of the year, offensive rookie of the year, defensive rookie of the year, comeback player of the year, and coach of the year), voters will list three names.

“The essence of the AP NFL Awards remains the same – to recognize the top performers of the season,” AP global sports editor Ricardo Zuniga said in an item posted on the AP website. “Our goal is to provide the voters with an accurate and fair voting system to reflect their preferences. These tweaks will help them in their selection process.”

The voters also will name first-team and second-team All-Pros at each position. Previously, it was one vote per position per voter.

The All-Pro team usually is named the Friday after the regular season ends. The AP awards are announced at an NFL-hosted ceremony the night before the Super Bowl.

10 responses to “AP makes important rule change to voting for awards

  1. MLB chooses an MVP, CY Young, ROY, et. al. for both the NL and AL, but the NFL picks one. Both sports play interleague games. Why doesn’t the NFL pick one of each for the AFC and NFC? This is a missed opportunity to promote the sport even more. This gives fans more interest an exposure to the voting and the sport. I am not sure of the arguments against it. Should MLB use the same arguments to go back to one? They used to name just one Cy Young until 1956 but now two. Come on, NFL!

  2. Ranked choice voting is a good system. Not as simple as A or B but it is as simple as A then B then C.

  3. Long overdue for the All Pro voting especially. If someone can explain the difference between off ball linebackers and edge rushers to these voters we’ll really be making progress.

  4. fringetastic says:
    November 18, 2022 at 6:21 pm
    Ranked choice voting is a good system. Not as simple as A or B but it is as simple as A then B then C.

    35Rate This

    Alaska has ranked choice voting, still dint know who won any race.

    I don’t want to wait a couple of weeks for stupid reasons, then let the lawsuits play out

  5. This seems like a better process but I can’t stand when they talk about MVP in September, or October, or November. If you want a regular season MVP lets look at records and play-off chances before stat projections. Its ridiculous. Just wait.

  6. The most valuable play should be the player that made the most money and played the least amount of time.

  7. Yeah it was really stupid 2 years ago when Kelce got every vote for TE, so their was no 2nd team all pro at Te! It would have went to a Waller.

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