Bills cancel today’s practice due to snow

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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The snowstorm that moved Sunday’s Browns-Bills game out of Buffalo is also keeping the Bills from practicing today.

The Bills announced that today’s practice has been cancelled due to weather, and Bills players and coaches will meet virtually.

Sunday’s game will be played at Ford Field in Detroit, and the Bills plan to fly to Detroit on Saturday afternoon. Obviously, the snowstorm could affect their travel plans, but the team is hoping to find a safe time to take off from Buffalo.

The Bills will play their next two games in Detroit, as they face the Lions on Thanksgiving. But their current plan is to fly back to Buffalo on Sunday after the Browns game, then fly to Detroit again on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving game.

24 responses to “Bills cancel today’s practice due to snow

  1. Smart. Stay safe. There’s a travel ban in Erie Co. it’s bad in Orchard Park and it’s not stopping. hope they have a good plan for getting to the airport later. They might be planning on flying out of Niagara Falls. Not supposed to get much snow there until Saturday. I imagine they’ll want to get out before tomorrow.

  2. Wait, they’re still in Buffalo? So, they still have to get all their players, coaches, staff, and stuff from OP to the airport and fly out during the worst of the storm?

  3. Hey, remember last week when some people said the Vikings would lose to the Bills because the Vikings play in a dome? Ya, this isn’t your grandpa’s NFL. Also, it’s like people think the Vikings never leave the dome to go home. They live in the cold!

  4. The Bills can’t play in the heat, now can’t practice in the cold?
    They sound like a mentally tough team don’t they?

  5. Ahhhh, the “soft” comments again. There’s a travel ban in western New York due to the overnight snowfall. The players and staff literally aren’t allowed to travel to the facility. But yeah, giving up their home field for a neutral sight, forfeiting practice time, having to find a way to fly out in a blizzard, this is all a ploy to neutralize the (proven false) advantage of the opposition’s run game in the snow and give an edge to the Bills.

  6. Makes no sense, are the bills going to wait at the airport for a window? Why not keep the game in buffalo and have the browns travel early if they knew about this storm all week.

    The NFL is getting softer than public schools when it comes to snow

  7. Win or lose against Cleveland this sets up the Bills for a real bad Thanksgiving with a short week and a quick return to Detroit.I wouldn’t be surprised if they change their minds and just stay in Detroit or have the decision taken out of their hands by Buffalo being snowed in.

  8. Bunch of armchair internet tough guys posting. Go spend the next 72 hours just south of Buffalo. You won’t be able to open your front door of your home. Pray your roof doesn’t collapse as you listen to it creeping. You won’t be able to drive or go anywhere 72 hours it more because it’ll take that long to clear roads. And of course have fun shoveling your 2-5 feet of snow. I promise you’ll go back to your sunny warm locations with ptsd.

  9. I am quite sure that fans that think the game should still be played in Buffalo have never lived where there is a lot of snow and have no clue the implications of trying to get 70,000 fans, support workers, players and staff commuting tobthe stadium in a severe snow storm…the roads will be in a gridlock and it will be a total disaster and likely have many accidents, road rage, etc.

  10. Wow, there sure are a lot of ignorant comments here.
    Look, you can’t stage a major event like an NFL game when your local first responders are up to their eyeballs in calls because of the storm. Every cop, firefighter, and EMT in the Buffalo area is as busy as they’ll ever be right now. And when it stops, they deserve to go home and get some sleep. They are heroes, after all.

  11. the roads will be in a gridlock and it will be a total disaster and likely have many accidents, road rage, etc.


    Which leads to the question as to why are the Bills still in Buffalo? They have to travel through all of that to get out of town. Makes no sense that they are still there.

  12. Yeah the comment tough guys know so much about dealing with a huge snowstorm dont they? How about getting 4-6ft of snow in 24-36hrs? You guys know nothing. I’ve been trapped in my house for three days after 6ft of snow… stop your moronic comments. Calling the bills weak and soft? Cmon. You’re better than that. You’re just trying to get a rise outta people and you’re doing a pretty good job but it doesn’t change the fact that you are clueless.

  13. carloswlassiter says:
    November 18, 2022 at 8:54 am

    1719Rate This


    Can you imagine BB doing this? Neither can I.

    “Bills Mafia”

    More like “Bills Soft Serve Ice Cream”

  14. touchback6 says:
    November 18, 2022 at 9:01 am

    This is team is as soft as it gets. Wow.


    So what does it say that our defense couldn’t stop them from scoring a TD even once? If the Bills are soft, why does that make us?

  15. I don’t think the Bills are soft but it doesn’t seem like a team built to win a bad weather playoff game. Last December they were beat by the Patriots because the Patriots could run the ball better in bad weather.

    They also don’t seem built for hot weather but that should not be a problem in the playoffs.

  16. Fun game about 10 years ago with the Patriots beating the Titans 67- 10 or something. Classic snow game too many soft people in the world now. Unreal really.

  17. The Autumn Wind says:
    November 18, 2022 at 2:33 pm
    Fun game about 10 years ago with the Patriots beating the Titans 67- 10 or something. Classic snow game too many soft people in the world now. Unreal really.
    8 inches of snow is a lot different than 4+feet.

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