Commanders disciplined players for consuming alcohol on team plane, satisfying the NFL

Tennessee Titans v Washington Commanders
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Members of the 1972 Dolphins popped the cork on champagne bottles Monday night after the Commanders defeated the NFL’s final undefeated team. Every team now has a loss after the Eagles were upset, assuring the Dolphins’ perfect season remains the only perfect season in the Super Bowl era.

The Commanders celebrated, too, on their way home, but what happened on their team charter didn’t stay on their team charter.

Quarterback Taylor Heinicke was caught holding Busch Light cans on at least two videos on social media posts. The NFL prohibits alcohol on team charters, among other places, and sent a memo to its teams Friday threatening “significant discipline” for violations.

The Washington Post reports coach Ron Rivera addressed the violation in a team meeting, and on Tuesday, he reached out to the league after the Commanders disciplined multiple players. The team’s punishment of the players satisfied the league.

“The league reviewed the matter this week, and we are satisfied with the discipline administered by the club. There will be no further action taken by the league,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Post.

69 responses to “Commanders disciplined players for consuming alcohol on team plane, satisfying the NFL

  1. I think there’s an obvious beer sponsor for Mr. Heinicke, and it’s not Busch Light my guy.

  2. Commanders drink on plane “Oh my god, someone stop Taylor Heneike.”

    Titans coach get DUI a couple hours after team plane lands….

    NFL response historic consequences coming for teams violating drinking policies!!!”

    Andy Reid son on staff absolutely drinks in Chiefs facility and almost wiped out entire family right outside the facility.

    NFL response “Nothing to see here, no follow up necessary, who are the Kansas City Chiefs? This isn’t where we parked our car?”

  3. And why is it a violation for grown men to have alcohol after a game? I mean I’m certain they also passed out opioid pain killers too.

  4. So, just how did the alcohol get on the plane? Sounds like this might be a common practice . . . until it gets out in public.

  5. Busch light should not qualify as beer and who ever brought it on board should be terminated post haste!

  6. Those idiots and their stupid phone cameras. They talk about keeping things in-house but go and put out videos that have no business being published.
    They only have themselves to blame now for not being able to have a beer on a long flight following a game.

  7. Don’t we exit a plane one at a time? Assign a person to tell who is blitzed and get him a ride. It’s literally that simple.

  8. skcusoirolf says:
    November 18, 2022 at 7:07 pm
    And why is it a violation for grown men to have alcohol after a game?

    Because those grown men have to get home when the airplane lands. Also, the team airplane is part of the player’s workplace. How many employees are allowed to get smashed on the job?

  9. Goodell continues to cover for the Washington franchise.

    We have no idea what this “discipline” even was.

  10. But it’s ok to sign a guy that sexually harassed over 25 women for over $230M. The NFL is a joke. Drinking on a plane which a lot of people do daily is a violation?

  11. Even as an eagles fan, I think this is lame. They had every right to celebrate after their big win. I don’t agree with no alcohol on team flight AFTER a game. However, I think heinicke SHOULD be fined for drinking Busch light!!

  12. Heinke signed an $8m contract and still drinks Busch Light. Someone get this man a Guinness.

  13. Why are there no articles on sleezebag Brady stealing money to pay his own companies? Just when you think it can’t get any worse with this guy, he continues to impress. This is worse than the Brett Favre stuff and like usual it flies under the radar. Goodell will never dare dream of saying anything about it

  14. Funny, all the cops and lawyer shows I’ve watched they go to a favorite watering hole,why can’t players have a drink on the plane? How many people hit HH after work for a few?

  15. There isn’t a starting QB at any level in the world who fills up a garbage can with ice and beer. None. Zero. Every team, every school, college, the one organization I spent my life working for, had ‘that’ guy who for whatever reason got the party started. My guess would be ‘that’ guy is designated at the NFL level.
    PS: Why can’t people drink alcohol as a passenger on a plane? The responsible ones pay because there is always an alcoholic (who is already prepared without needing ‘that’ guy).

  16. This is SO ridiculous. How in the WORLD are adult males prohibited from drinking alcohol on a plane????

    Nanny state 2022. These players should revolt. Weed is now cool but dudes cant throw back a few drinks on a team plane??? NONSENSE.

  17. I agree with those who say the outrage is not that players were drinking on the plane, but that it was Busch Light. I also take issue with the notion that Busch Light is considered beer.

  18. Of course they were chugging brewskis. That was their Super Bowl on Monday night. A flukey win that’ll be met with a loss on sunday

  19. Who cares. Nothing wrong with drinking on the plane. I’m sure they can have someone pick them up or take Uber.

  20. Because those grown men have to get home when the airplane lands. Also, the team airplane is part of the player’s workplace. How many employees are allowed to get smashed on the job?

    Sure I understand that, however how many fans leave games at NFL stadiums totally blitzed out of their minds?? It’s a choice one makes when driving after drinking, and these players have to be adults and make the right choice.
    Like I said, I’m pretty sure the team training staff hands out pain killers like tic tacks but that isn’t a problem???
    Ridiculous for this rule to even be in place. Players beating their wives, DUIs, One player getting quarter billion guaranteed contract after sexually assault but God forbid having a few beers on a flight after a big victory.

  21. these players are supposed to be roll models. im so disapointed i cant watch any more games with those the beer comercials

  22. touchback6 says:
    November 18, 2022 at 7:27 pm
    Goodell continues to cover for the Washington franchise.

    We have no idea what this “discipline” even was.

    Nor should you or any of us. It’s not our business.

  23. Team officials ‘Who wants opioids’!?!? Also team officials…Busch light on the plane?!!? We’re gonna need to suspend you.

  24. As a fellow Old Dominion alumni, I see his taste in beer hasn’t changed much since college. Never change. Go Big Blue!

  25. Nothing wrong with drinking on a plane until the plane lands and everyone drives home. See Titans. See Chiefs. The league has liability for players/coaches until they arrive home from a business trip. Or drank while at work.

  26. The issue is that these guys all have to drive home once that plane lands typically late at night.
    That’s the problem.

  27. Beat a woman? No problem. Assault someone? No problem? Support a corrupt crypto company?
    No problem. Drink a beer? It’s the end of the world. The NFL has become the most broke sport franchise ever.

  28. Love it. The NFL is satisfied by the Commanders disciplining the players for the obvious booze transgressions of one of their coaches. I’ll bet Snyder gladly signed off on this.

  29. If players were disciplined for having some drinks on a flight after a big game then the Titans OC should be fired with no questions. Anyone over 21 can consume on flights depending on the carrier. No one is allowed to drive intoxicated. I’m not all for player empowerment but this one rubs me the wrong way. The coaches should be held to a higher standard.

  30. Yes, Washington won. Yes, Philly deserved the loss even with missed or bad calls. Had Philly played like they did in any of the other games this year its a win. Philly honestly doesnt look like they put in much effort. They weren’t going undefeated anyway, so take it now and rebuild momentum without all the people and the undefeated pressure.

  31. Big brother is watching you. Drink a beer, even if you’re a grown man, and you are subject to fine and public scrutiny. God help us all.

  32. Come on NFL, it was Busch Light, not like that’s real beer. Who drinks Busch Light, says a lot about these boys

  33. The discipline began and ended with Heinicke being informed he could never drink any other beer but Busch Light for the rest of his life.

  34. Lol really? Who cares if adults have a drink after a long day of work? Why would football players be any different?

  35. They were disciplined just like Snyder was disciplined. Declare them disciplined and then hope nobody follows up and checks.

  36. No beer on planes…but company accepts hundreds of millions of dollars every year from Beer, Wine and hard liquor producers. Players also must not gamble, even though we take big bucks from gaming companies.

    The players truly have a terrible union.

  37. They flew from Philadelphia to Washington. Did they take a team bus to the airport? That would be a longer time driving than the flight. They probably could have taken the team bus down 95 faster than going to the airport. But then again, who ever has seen anyone with beer on a bus… inquiring minds need to know.

  38. So when players break out the champagne in locker rooms after winning playoff games or the Super Bowl, can we now expect “significant discipline”? How about drinking during the Super Bowl victory parade? As usual, the NFL ignores, ignores, ignores, then suddenly flips into complete overreaction mode. Paul Tagliabue would never have done things this way. A quiet warning was always his way, because unlike Goodell, he wasn’t always trying to assert his power.

  39. I’m sure the discipline the Commanders administered to the players was the worst finger wagging in finger wagging history.

  40. What a bunch of nonsense. What about personal responsibility?

    There is NOTHING wrong with players drinking on the plane after a victory, just like any other passengers would be able to do. The issue that started this mess was the Bills coach that drove drunk, while speeding, and he got caught. This is ALL on him.

    I understand why the NFL would not want NFL employees to drink at NFL facilities, but on a plane ride?

  41. “..Who is the genius who posted the evidence on social media?..”

    The only guy on the team who actually got punished.

  42. I work in a hipster tech office with beer on tap. It’s called personnel responsibility.

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