Jameis Winston: I just know that I’m ready to go

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals
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Jameis Winston has not played since the third week of the season and he’s set to miss another game this weekend after the Saints chose to stick with Andy Dalton as their starter against the Rams.

On Friday, Winston shared how he feels about his extended time on the bench. He said, via Nick Underhill of NewOrleans.Football, that not playing “hurts my soul” and that he feels well enough to play after suffering a back injury early in the season.

“I just know that I’m ready to go and when my number is called, I’ll be ready,” Winston said.

Saints head coach Dennis Allen said this week that he doesn’t know that Winston is “ever gonna be 100 percent healthy this season,” but Winston seems to think he’s close enough to get on the field. If Dalton continues to struggle this week, we’ll see if Allen gives Winston the chance to prove that’s the case.

5 responses to “Jameis Winston: I just know that I’m ready to go

  1. When the Saints are mathematically out of the playoffs and Winston’s atrocities at qb can no longer hurt their season, they will let him play to say they are ‘evaluating’ their players for next year….
    The Saints NEED all new qbs going into next season…

  2. In a terrible division they are throwing out any remote chance to win it with Dalton out there.

  3. Dennis Allen is a failure as an NFL HC! Andy Dalton is no more than a backup QB who you hope will never see the football field he showed that with the Bears and the Cowboys. If you don’t want to play Winston then play Raysom Hill who gives the team a better chance to win than Dalton…

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