Mark Andrews thinks he and Isaiah Likely will be “dangerous” duo

Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants
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Ravens tight end Mark Andrews missed all of Week Nine and most of Week Eight with shoulder and knee injuries, but it looks like he’ll have a chance to get back on the field this week.

Andrews used the bye week to continue healing and has practiced the last two days on a limited basis. He said he’s “feeling good,” but stopped short of saying that he will play this week because he’s “seen the big picture” when it comes to making sure you’re healthy.

Rookie Isaiah Likely‘s presence has made it easier for the Ravens to go without Andrews. Likely has seven catches for 101 yards and two touchdowns the last two weeks and Andrews thinks they’ll make a potent duo once he’s given the green light to return.

“When I’m good to go, I’m good to go,” Andrews said, via the team’s website. “It’s awesome that we’re able to win regardless. The main thing is us winning and nothing else matters. He’s playing really good ball. I think it’s been good for him getting even more reps. Him and I on the field at the same time is going to be dangerous.”

Friday will bring more word about Andrews’ status for Sunday’s game against the Panthers.

6 responses to “Mark Andrews thinks he and Isaiah Likely will be “dangerous” duo

  1. Cryptic for sure. Ravens have to have this guy even w their cakewalk schedule remaining. Sounds like they won’t for at least some of that time.

  2. Huh,
    Us Ravens Fans were looking for this Mandrews-Likely combo all season. Likely lit up the preseason. Then come full season almost nothing…..Are things really going to be different when MAndrews is back? I gotta wonder if Jackson will look away from MAndrews?? I certainly hope so, the Ravens are in need of pass catching playmakers outside of MAndrews.

  3. I hope so. We’re going to need Lamar looking for someone other than Andrews in the big games.

  4. Lamar only seems to look at other targets when Andrews is OUT of the game.
    He’s his safety blamket. I get it.
    I like lamar as a player. But from what I see, it seems like this is more on Lamar’s shoulders to make happen.

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