Myles Garrett: Dolphins’ game plan seemed like they were a step ahead of us

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins
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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett paid a big compliment to Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel today, saying that in the Dolphins’ win over the Browns on Sunday, it always seemed like the Dolphins were a step ahead of the Browns.

Garrett said he was surprised how specific the Dolphins’ play calling was for the Browns, as if McDaniel had scripted every single play of the game knowing what would work.

“It wasn’t like a first 15, it was like a first 60,” Garrett said. “The way they attacked us was very detailed in what they were trying to do. They had us out of position a lot of the time. It seemed like when we tried to switch things up, they were a step ahead,” Garrett said.

Garrett said the Dolphins seemed like they “knew what adjustments we were going to make.”

“We were a second late because of all the movements and motions, all those things kept us on the back foot. That’s another credit to them and their coaches,” Garrett said.

The Dolphins’ offense may have the fastest skill position players in the NFL, but Garrett was talking about the quick-thinking approach of the Dolphins’ offense, which had the Browns’ defense frustrated all day.

23 responses to “Myles Garrett: Dolphins’ game plan seemed like they were a step ahead of us

  1. Memo to Myles: It’s not just the Dolphins. Browns are 31st in scoring defense (26.4 ppg allowed). Maybe it’s not that hard to plan against a defense that isn’t very good.

  2. Myles Garrett and the Browns defense ranks next to last — as in 31 out of 32 teams — in points allowed per game. The Browns average 26.4 just ahead of the Lions 29.3. This is just a long way of saying maybe the entire NFL is a step ahead of Myles Garrett and the Browns defense.

  3. Seems everyone has been a step ahed of thisbdude all year… and they gotbrid of baker because they thought this guy was a leader. All he does is blame others, anybody remeber him blaming the fans? Dude is a joke.

  4. Everybody knows Myles Garrett is a great player. For him to still be talking this late in the week about last week’s opponent is pretty telling. Terron Armstead shut him down and he really should be acknowledged for what he’s done in Miami. Now, let’s see if Garrett can turn it around this week against the Bills. I wasn’t rooting for him last week but I will be this week. Fins are off this week would have loved to see the Bills Browns match up played in Miami but it was not meant to be. That would have been fun.

  5. Let me throw the coaches under the bus even farther so they get the full effect of being run over

  6. If he thinks they were a step ahead wait until Watson takes over after an almost 2 year absence. Will really need a massage after the hits.

  7. Browns fan here who would love to see them recoup a few of the picks they gave up for Watson and trade this overrated clown. Not a difference maker. Just a stat collecter.

  8. Stop making excuses, Miles. Do us all a favor and start making plays. Please, please, please trade this guy…..looks like Tarzan, plus like Jane

  9. Well if Steve Wilks isn’t coaching the Panthers next year he may have his job back with the Browns

  10. The guy has never been a winner, but he has the biggest mouth on earth. Garrett is a perfect example of a guy I’d never pay the big money to. Let someone else have this loser. You never win with guys like Garrett.

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