NFL has contacted Titans, will review Todd Downing situation

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The timeline doesn’t look good. The NFL is looking into it.

With Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing arrested early Friday for DUI, it’s possible that Downing was drinking on the team plane back from Green Bay.

“There is a policy that prohibits alcohol on team planes or buses,” Chief NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy said via email on Friday.

“We have been in contact with the Titans regarding the matter which will be reviewed,” McCarthy added. “All league and club personnel, including coaches, are subject to potential discipline when a violation is determined to have been committed.”

Downing was pulled over at 3:49 a.m. CT. It appears that the team plane landed at 2:11 a.m. CT at the Nashville airport. Any investigation by the league will have to explore where he drank enough alcohol before 3:49 a.m. CT to be allegedly above the legal limit of 0.08 percent BAC.

If the Titans took a bus from the airport to the team facility, and if Downing was driving home from the facility when he was arrested, it will be very difficult to construct a set of facts that included Downing not drinking on the plane, on the bus, or both.

Given the crash involving former Chiefs assistant Britt Reid on the way home from the team facility in February 2021, the league needs to take these situations seriously. Beyond being a question of liability, it’s an issue of basic responsibility to the communities where NFL teams operate.

17 responses to “NFL has contacted Titans, will review Todd Downing situation

  1. Dumazz . No sympathy for him or any NFL coach, executive ,or player on this issue. That little girl should be the poster child on WHY you should not drink and drive.

  2. The number of people defending this guy in the comments section on the previous article is simply disgusting. People claiming that the NFL should not have a no consumption policy, people saying that somehow “others” are being blamed for Downing’s actions. I wonder if these people felt the same way about the Britt Reid situation.

  3. When will they learn? If the Ruggs and Reid situations don’t put the fear in you, nothing will.

  4. Teams are franchises of the NFL. The parent, NFL, sets basic rules all franchises must follow. This is like all franchises. McDonald’s does not allow their franchises to sell menu items that other franchises sell. If they do, they are fined or stripped of their franchise.

    The NFL has told it’s franchises no alcohol on team planes, buses, or in facilities. Between Brit Reid, Todd Downing, and Tyler Heinicke there have been multiple instances of this rule broken. All the NFL has to do is have the person in charge of the franchises, the commissioner, fine the franchises.

    Wait I was going somewhere with this and then realized who the person was that would have to enforce these rules was. Nevermind, carry on.

  5. Mr. Downing, a man of your age and wealth should know to call a cab or Uber or a friend. You’re lucky you didn’t end up killing someone.

  6. Message to all you enablers chiming in making excuses for DWI just in case you weren’t taught:
    It’s not okay to drink and drive.
    Grow Up.

  7. That is going to put Roger and his most protected and helped team in an awkward situation where the coach let his convicted criminal son drink on the job and just about murder a little kid with zero punishment towards the Chiefs, But this is the NFL look to them to take draft picks and fine the Titans and it would clearly be beneficial to that Roger’s most favorite an deprotected team.

    Chiefs should have been fined from both the players (reduction in cap space) and owners take, loss of several draft picks and Andy suspended/terminated.

  8. Downing is responsible for his own actions. Period. And it is irrelevant whether he consumed alcohol provided by the team, fellow coaches, or himself.

    But, aside from that primary point, no one noticed his condition? No one had his back? No one had the courage or common sense or a basic concern for a friend/colleague to step up to protect others and him from himself?

  9. An “independent investigation” into this via Goodell is underway. Don’t worry, people! Rogie’s people are on it.

    Even though the police investigated early this morning, Rogie’s authority trumps US law.

  10. Try this headline instead: NFL doing the bare minimum to appease the phony outragers, will not do jack about the Downing situation.

  11. How about be an adult and if you feel the need to drink, wait until you get home? Luckily this was at 4am, not rush hour like Britt Reid.

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