The lure of another Super Bowl ring lured Ndamukong Suh back to the field

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Ndamukong Suh’s mother wanted him to stay retired. He’s got 19-month-old twin boys who surely wanted dad to stay home.

Suh doesn’t need the money, having made more than $166 million in his career.

So, why return now, at 35, and with nothing left to prove?

“Championships. That’s what keeps me going,” Suh answered simply.

He signed a one-year contract with the Eagles this week, turning down other offers to sign with a team that, with one loss, has good odds to reach the Super Bowl.

“I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and say I’d play for any old team,” Suh said, via Bob Grotz of MediaNews Group. “I want to have an opportunity to go and earn a ring and celebrate that with my family and especially my teammates and the people I did it with. For me, I’ve been able to have amazing accolades just from the standpoint of individual play but it’s more than that at this particular stage of my life.”

Suh won his first ring in 2020 with the Bucs, who beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

He practiced with his new team for the first time Friday, and Nick Sirianni was non-committal about Suh’s availability for this week. Suh said he hopes to play, but it’s up to the coaches.

24 responses to “The lure of another Super Bowl ring lured Ndamukong Suh back to the field

  1. How can you sit there and say he doesn’t need the money? Are you in possession of his financial statements?

  2. I’m sure his 19 month old children won’t realize or remember that he spent a few months with the Eagles!

  3. Will he be ready to go for the Packers? He’d have another opportunity to step on Aaron Rogers helmet again. smh

  4. It’s not a much used term anymore but they used to call guys like this carpetbagger’s.

  5. Why do Vikings fans always other teams fans..Saying Duh chose the wrong team is funny..Guess the Vikings beating Packers and Bears makes them forget the beating the EAGLES gave them and holding Jefferson in check. Maybe the beating the Birds gave them in the NFC Championship game still stings..SKOL!

  6. Vikings fans forgot about the beat down the eagles gave them. What is your excuse about that. Skol brother. Lmao.

  7. I’m ok with viking fans talking trash to us eagles fans. But I think it should be more of a funny type of trash talk, like busting our chops, you know?. When you guys act like your team will pound the eagles and that yall are better, it doesn’t hold that much weight. Just thinking of this years match up and the past few playoff games, you guys have taken some pretty bad L’s.

  8. Who remembers the Ronde Barber INT in the very last game at the ol’ Vet Stadium that sent the Bucs to their first SB victory? And the Eagles had the Bucs number in the playoffs every year before that it seemed like…all I’m saying is talk all the trash you want to- all it takes is one play. Any given Sunday.

  9. The Eagles and the Bucs are on a collision course in the playoffs. Suh will retire Brady.

  10. whycantiloginanymore says:
    November 18, 2022 at 7:39 pm
    How much you have made ain’t what matters. It’s how much you have left.

    For normal people, yes. However, if you’ve made $166M+ in your career you’d have to be some kind of crazy irresponsible to plough through that kind of stash.

  11. Why didn’t Shu just wait till to sign with the team who wins the super bowl?….so he can just go to the celebration?

  12. Suh is big on investing and has spent a lot of time with Warren Buffett. He takes it very seriously and has evidently built his playing money well beyond its face value. I think he wants the ring. Half a season. A mauler with fresh legs for the stretch run? Max $2.5M? Seems like a pretty good deal for the Iggles and maybe for Suh as well.

  13. 109 million Gross, less 22 million to his agent, 5 million to lawyers and cpas, 35 million for federal tax, 10 million to states for state tax leaving 37 million. 12 years lavish lifestyle at 2 million a year, 13 million. Bad investments, friends, bad loans, family ate 10 million, and now he is down to his last 3 million……

  14. It’s only about money to this guy don’t let him fool you. Get paid the most for doing the least.

  15. Looking at Philly today and last week he’s got just as much chance to win the ring as he did staying home!

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