Andre Cisco fined for unpenalized hit on JuJu Smith-Schuster

NFL: NOV 13 Jaguars at Chiefs
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Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster will not play against the Chargers on Sunday night because of a concussion he suffered in last Sunday’s win over the Jaguars.

Smith-Schuster left the game after being hit by Jaguars safety Andre Cisco and the Chiefs were upset that Cisco was not penalized for a hit to the receiver’s head during the game. Referee Brad Rogers explained that decision after the game by saying officials “determined that the defender had set and braced for impact and hit shoulder-to-shoulder.”

The NFL believes Cisco should have been penalized. According to multiple reports, Cisco was fined $6,612 for unnecessary roughness this week.

Smith-Schuster did not practice at all this week and the earliest he will be back is Week 12 against the Rams.

17 responses to “Andre Cisco fined for unpenalized hit on JuJu Smith-Schuster

  1. It was clear helmed to helmet , how can the officiating be so terrible in a sport that makes billions

  2. It was penalized, but the flag was picked up faster than Tyreek’s 40 time. I’d like to know who made the call, and why….

  3. Accidental helmet to helmet I think and if you’ve watched the play the defender even pulled up/slowed down. Juju could have REALLY been leveled.

  4. I understand that the refs come together to make sure that the call is right but in the case of a dangerous play, if even one ref saw it happen they should be defaulting to that official. There was a flag on the field, someone saw a helmet to helmet hit.

  5. Fine is good, should have been a penalty as well, and I think that if your hit concusses another player, you should be out for as long as they are.

  6. kevpft says:
    November 19, 2022 at 8:40 pm
    Fine is good, should have been a penalty as well, and I think that if your hit concusses another player, you should be out for as long as they are.

    I agree in principle except there are times when a player moves unexpectedly and a hit without malicious intent results in an injury.

  7. For anybody that saw that hit, i hope we can drop the NFL is helping the Chiefs win narrative. Obviously poor hit, I’ll stop short of calling it dirty but that guy was headhunting all day.

  8. Contact that leads to another player’s going into concussion protocol should result in a suspension for the same number of games that the injured player misses. The fine in this case seems insignificant relative to the damage that the hit caused.

  9. Wasn’t helmet to helmet. The fine is garbage. JuJu is made of glass. Always has been.

  10. They should start to fine 40M dollar QBs who throw their wr these concussion balls. Against that coverage it was a horrendous decision.

  11. Ridiculous. DK Metcalf got fined FIVE TIMES as much for backchatting an official. This hit caused physical harm. Please, someone tell me the logic behind this?

  12. If the NFL were interested at all in fixing the horrible officiating, they should start with why that flag was picked up so quickly and who ordered it. On field officials should not be allowed to pick up a flag without a review. Ideally, that review should be from NY rather than the booth.

  13. Holy crap the snowflakes in here. It was a bang bang play with no malicious intent and people want him to be suspended as long as JuJu is concussed? Give me a break. Any play or tackle could result in an accidental head bang and concussion. Cisco is not a dirty player he just lays the wood. Incidental helmet to helmet contact should not be called.

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