Dan Campbell: Brian Daboll exaggerated me slamming chairs in job interview

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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Giants coach Brian Daboll said this week that when he interviewed Lions coach Dan Campbell for a job a decade ago, Campbell was slamming chairs and hitting walls in the interview. Asked for his recollection, Campbell said Daboll’s story wasn’t false, but it was exaggerated.

“Daboll, he tells that story to everybody,” Campbell said. “He tells it to me every time I see him, we talk, he brings it up again. I don’t remember throwing chairs through the walls or anything. That didn’t happen. But I did demo on chairs. But, yeah, he definitely exaggerated it. But I was sweating and I was out of breath, and I did use a chair.”

Campbell did acknowledge that rather than sitting in a chair answering questions, he got up and moved around in the interview room. But Campbell says he was just demonstrating the way he would coach tight ends, which is the job he was interviewing for.

“Running routes, blocking, everything. It was an hour of technique work,” Campbell said.

It worked, as Campbell got the job as the Dolphins’ tight ends coach, working under Daboll as the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator. Campbell said he remembers Daboll as a coach the players loved to play for, and he’s not surprised that Daboll is a coach of the year favorite in his first year as the Giants’ head coach.

8 responses to “Dan Campbell: Brian Daboll exaggerated me slamming chairs in job interview

  1. During the interview process Dan Campbell politely offered Brian Daboll a portion of some fresh kneecaps….Daboll respectfully declined.

  2. Please add that Campbell was the interim head coach when they let Sparano go. I think he was undefeated too if I remember correctly.

  3. The Giants are 7-2 and no one on the planet had them with this record at the start of the season.

    I guess they hired the right coach after all.

    By the way how is the Steelers doing with “TWO” head coaches on the roster?

  4. Mcdc is great for the sport.

    I hope he can string enough wins together to keep his job long term.

    Pulling for the lions and that guy is fun for this league

  5. Lies and exaggerations are acceptable in post-truth America. We’re desensitized to lying. We actually love it. It’s become part of who we are as a people. It’s a compliment to be called a liar, and we’re fine with being lied to.

  6. Campbell is old school and gets very emotional…that’s good sometimes, but he needs to knuckle down and CLOSE out the games AND WIN!!!

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