Dre Greenlaw fined $10,609 for hit on Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw has been fined for the hit on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert that led him to be ejected from last Sunday’s game.

PFT has confirmed that Greenlaw was fined $10,609 for the hit to Herbert’s head.

Senior vice president Walt Anderson said that Greenlaw was ejected for committing “a flagrant act” by “lowering his head and making forcible contact” to Herbert’s head. Anderson noted that Herbert was “down by contact” at the time of the hit as well.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said he was “blown away” by the decision to eject Greenlaw, but Anderson’s response and the league’s fine of Greenlaw make it clear that there was no disagreement from the home office.

5 responses to “Dre Greenlaw fined $10,609 for hit on Justin Herbert

  1. Of course the NFL is going to stick up for the refs when that call gets that much publicity.

    My question is: when a QB begins to run, is he treated differently from other players? He has trying to hit him hard, as do all defensive players when stopping runners. It doesn’t look like his head was lowered that much.

    You see bang bang plays all the time, and to eject someone seems arbitrary.

  2. There’s too much human error in some of these calls. They wouldn’t have called it if it was an RB, WR, or TE. Same thing with these roughing calls we’re getting as well. There’s too much leeway for the ref to be right. One ref may feel it’s a penalty whereas another may see it clean. I think all fans just want a fair and consistent product. They need to change some rules so they are concrete in words and not variable depending on the ref. Human error from the players should change the outcome of games, not from the officials.

  3. Replays showed clearly he did not lower his head. They were better off making no statement than once again trying to convince everyone else they are stupid.

  4. No agreement, as in cover up.

    Not a single sane person believes that he would have got ejected (or even flagged) if it was someone other than Herbert with the ball.

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