Playing in Detroit will be much less of a disruption for the Browns than for the Bills

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After the NFL moved Sunday’s Browns-Bills game from snow-covered Buffalo to a covered playing surface in Detroit, some Browns fans cried foul. A kooky conspiracy theory emerged that the NFL wanted to help the Bills end their two-game losing streak, by shifting the contest from conditions that could have helped the Browns.

Here’s a list of the various reasons why that makes no sense.

There’s another reason for ditching the tinfoil hat. Given the issues the Bills have experienced by not leaving Buffalo before the storm arrived (e.g., no practice on Friday, travel uncertainty on Saturday, overall disruption of their life’s routine due to the snow), the Browns have a real edge.

For them, it’s no longer a road game in a hostile environment. It’s a neutral-site contest that could have as many Browns fans as Bills fans present, given the overall inability to drive in Buffalo.

And travel is no big deal for the Browns. They’re taking a relatively short road trip.

“We will get on the bus tomorrow and head to Detroit,” coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters on Friday.

How much of a distraction will it be for the Browns?

“I really don’t think it is a distraction at all,” Stefanski said. “The guys will go step onto a bus and end up in Detroit.”

So, yes, the situation gives the Browns an advantage. As noted yesterday, it’s not supposed to snow when the game would have been played in Buffalo, and the field would have been cleared. Any edge for the Cleveland running game due to playing in snow (if there even was one) wouldn’t have mattered.

What will matter is having minimal disruption when the Bills have dealt with maximum distraction. Whether that’s enough to bridge the talent gap remains to be seen. But it’s definitely an edge for the Browns.

22 responses to “Playing in Detroit will be much less of a disruption for the Browns than for the Bills

  1. But really, it’s much more interesting to have a conspiratorial view that the league did this to “help” Buffalo, because somehow that small market team is a league darling now or something.

    Not even sure I got that right. I can’t keep up w/ the madness around this story.

  2. JFC Mike, you almost always try to spin things to fit your little narratives that you want to ne true, but aren’t. Of course my comment calls you out, so it would be shocking if it gets posted. And if it does, your fanboys will disagree with it. Lol.

  3. Move the team out of Buffalo if they aren’t equipped for a full season. Absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Not even sure I got that right. I can’t keep up w/ the madness around this story.
    It’s insane. People arguing about how much snow is actually falling and screaming about the Bills not doing what they thought they should do. Safety is the biggest concern here, hating on a football team because they can’t control the weather is just pure idiocy.

  5. I’m a Browns fan saying this…the Browns have no chance at winning on Sunday regardless when you have Stefanski coaching.

  6. Considering they played games during covid with minimal or no fans in the stands, they should have kept it in Buffalo. If the conditions were too treacherous for fans to go to the game, then they should have announced that there wouldn’t be any attendance for it.
    And please, saying that Cleveland has the advantage by moving the game to Detroit is absurd. All of your reasoning pertained to issues secondary to the actual game being played. Sure more Browns fans will be able to attend, but so what. What mattered is the impact on the actual game play. And even if the field is cleared of snow, weather would still favour Cleveland’s style of offence rather than Buffalo’s. In Detroit the scales tip heavily back to the Bills.
    I don’t buy into the conspiracy nonsense either, but please don’t use such specious rationalizations that this doesn’t hurt the Browns’ chances of pulling off an upset.

  7. Oh, the fans and their opinions… Very important… We’re talking about people who live in Buffalo and Cleveland, for God’s sake. Who cares what any of them think?

  8. Yeah let’s play the game in Buffalo, ignore the driving ban for an NFL game, and fill the road with cars when first responders have difficulty traveling. That would be putting our priorities in the right place.

  9. Ambulances carrying people with medical emergencies couldn’t get around yesterday and today. But yes please tell us how we should have 70k travel to one spot where there is almost 77” of snow.

  10. chiefsfannc says:
    November 19, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    The game should have been played in Buffalo.
    So chiefsfannc has no concern for safety or prioritization of emergency personnel. The ignorance of saying the game should be played in Buffalo, dismissing 6+ feet of snow and people’s lives at risk is consistent with many posts on this site. 77 inches of snow in the stadium as you read this. There was no practical way of playing this game in Buffalo this weekend, but the delusional will continue to ignore reality.

  11. You just know the fall of society & civilization isn’t far when people are claiming that 70” of snow is a “hoax” .

  12. Looks like the Bills have their built in excuse for when they get bounced from the playoffs again this year. Oh it all started during that snowstorm we just never recovered Blah blah blah

  13. NFLPA should object to playing the game at Ford Field on its slit-film artificial playing surface. For player safety, they should play on the natural snow surface at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo.

  14. So, let’s see if we have them all:

    The move is rigged to help the Bills.
    The move is rigged to help the Browns.
    The move is rigged to give the Bills an excuse when they make the playoffs, but lose at some point during them.
    The move is rigged to help the Bills get new stadium, or an indoor practice facility (which they already have).
    The move is rigged because the game has gotten too soft and everyone is a wimp these days.

    Are we sure the move doesn’t have anything to do with pizza parlors or weaponized geese?

  15. “Q” claims the snowstorm hoax is being filmed on the stage next to the set used to film the lunar landing.

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