Cordarrelle Patterson sets new NFL record with career kickoff return touchdown No. 9

Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons
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Cordarrelle Patterson is the NFL’s all-time record holder for kickoff return touchdowns.

Patterson took a kickoff three yards deep in the end zone and ran it back 103 yards for a touchdown today against the Bears. That was the ninth kickoff return touchdown of Patterson’s career.

And that’s a new NFL record. Patterson previously shared the career record for kickoff return touchdowns with Josh Cribbs and Leon Washington, both of whom retired with eight kickoff return touchdowns.

Patterson’s record might never be broken. No other active player has more than three kickoff return touchdowns, and NFL rules changes are making kickoff return touchdowns less common. It’s even possible that the kickoff will eventually disappear from football altogether.

But Patterson’s accomplishments are now enshrined in the NFL record book, where he has a place all his own.

6 responses to “Cordarrelle Patterson sets new NFL record with career kickoff return touchdown No. 9

  1. Wish Vikings had never let him go. I know he wanted WR1 money, and he’s not that, but dang I miss him on kickoffs.

  2. Very very cool. He’s taken a lot of grief early in his career, but has made history in the 2nd part of career!

  3. I’m so glad he’s in the record books. He’s such an underrated player for so many years.

  4. ” denverdave3 says:
    Some of us don’t follow every team.”

    He currently plays for the Falcons. You’d be forgiven for not knowing that, even if you did follow every NFL team. Patterson has quite the journeyman’s career.

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