NFL has seen a record number of close games, through 11 weeks

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The games aren’t always pretty, but they’re closer than ever before.

Per the NFL, 125 games have been within one score in the fourth quarter this year. That’s the most such games through the first 11 Weeks of a season in NFL history.

Aso, 71 games have been decided by a touchdown (six points) or less. That ties 2016 for the most such games through the first 11 weeks of an NFL season.

Comebacks are also happening at a record pace. According to the league, 35 games have seen a team come back from a deficit of 10 or more points to win or tie this season. That’s the most such comebacks through the first 11 weeks of a season in NFL history.

And there are still two games to go.

It’s a good development for the NFL. It means that every team in every game is still alive, indefinitely.

Except, of course, in Minnesota today. The game was tied at 3-3 early, and then it became a boat race for the Cowboys.

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    WHY do we have so many delay of game penalties?!?! yes it happens, and it happens in KC/Seattle where the crowds are nuts.

    However, the influx of delay of game penalties this season is absolutely absurd, and this isnt a coaching/QB problem, there is some league problem on that one.

  2. The close games and the comebacks are a direct result of the refs influence. It’s been obvious for awhile, especially in last years playoffs. The league makes their money off of TV deals. So it’s not good if the channel is getting changed during blowouts. You can see the refs routinely helping the team that’s getting beat to keep the games close. It’s also the reason the league doesn’t fix the poor reffing, the refs are doing exactly what the are being told to do… which is make the league more money.

  3. Gotta give it to the defensive adjustments. All offseason was spent talking about the QB arms race in the AFC. Defenses must have been offended.

  4. That’s why when people use the argument of “well don’t leave it up to the official then” it’s a flawed argument. The truth is… officials affect 90% of the games. Bad calls or missed calls happen in every game and it just makes the sport and it’s results not legitimate to me. Why do we watch?

    I want officials officiating from upstairs with access to replays and not making love calls from the field anymore.

  5. Good teams win close games. Good teams comeback to win games. And if a team expects to win the Super Bowl, they need to win close games against good teams. The NFL is a league between parity, injuries, home field advantage and particular matchups, any team can beat any other any given Sunday.

    An NFL season is a marathon and a demolition derby combined for every team and every player. The first 18 weeks is all about qualifying for the last four. Qualifying is one thing, but getting to that final stretch with enough left to win it all is the other. Blowing out teams in the regular season doesn’t mean much. Winning the close ones does, because there are more of those and that’s what gets you to the postseason.

  6. Rigged much. Like Tom Brady going out for 2 passes in Germany? Thats the NFL saying: Hey, run 2 “elaborate set pieces” as they call them in soccer and we’ll give you the win. All these b.s calls are why games are close. There are a few teams that are ACTUALLY good, but even they can be defeated by referees– like when Chris Jones was called for a 15 yard personal foul against Matt Ryan after the KC stopped them on a 4th down. But I digress

  7. Is there a yone out there who thinks this isnt fabricated by the league?

    Hmm…NFL makes most their money from TV deals. Viewers dont watch blowouts. Coincidence that the NFL Ticket is up for bidding at the end of the season and we have “record of close games?”

  8. Keep it close by influencing the game with tickets tack holding calls as team is threatening to score in the the red zone. The NFL list itself as Entertainment not a sport business check it out. They want to be comparable to WCW.

  9. Some folks cannot accept and enjoy the close games. They simply lack the knowledge of how the scheduling, draft, and roster rules all combine to promote even competition year to year. Ignorance causes people to reach out to wacky conspiracy theories to explain what they cannot understand.

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