NFLPA is monitoring the Matthew Stafford situation

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints
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Everything about the handling of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s status in the concussion protocol has been strange. It’s only getting stranger. And the NFL Players Association is paying attention.

On Wednesday, November 9, the Rams placed Stafford in the protocol. Coach Sean McVay, who had plenty to say about Stafford’s status during his absence (possibly in violation of league rules), had no answers as to how it all happened. McVay would never even say that Stafford had a concussion.

On Friday, November 18, Stafford received clearance to exit the concussion protocol. On Sunday, he left the eventual loss to the Saints for a concussion evaluation.

The concussion evaluation is still happening. The team has said Stafford isn’t in the concussion protocol, and that he’ll have more tests tomorrow.

It’s an odd situation, to say the least. The NFL Players Association is monitoring it, given that Stafford just exited the concussion protocol on Friday.

Rarely if ever is a day-after evaluation necessary to determine whether a player is or isn’t in the protocol. And if there’s any doubt, why not just put him in the protocol and require him to progress through the various stages?

With a game against the Chiefs in Kansas City next weekend, the Rams presumably would like to avoid having to wait for Stafford to migrate through the five steps of the return-to-play protocol before he can fully prepare for the game.

Still, there shouldn’t be anything strategic about the situation. If, as was made clear earlier this year, the union wants players to be treated like patients first, isn’t it in this specific patient’s interests, given that he just exited the concussion protocol, to put him back in it, for now?

21 responses to “NFLPA is monitoring the Matthew Stafford situation

  1. Their offensive line is offensive. The right thing to do would be to shut him down to keep him from getting killed. If they don’t, they risk losing him forever over what amounts to a lost season anyway.

  2. The Rams were living on credit cards (and hit big last year, no doubt) but the bill is now due and they are toast. Sean McVay will get “promoted” soon.

  3. This has been shady since the beginning. The narrative was incredibly strange.

    He reported concussion symptoms to the team after the game on Sunday but wasn’t put in the protocol until Tuesday and then McVay just found out that he was in the protocol before his Wednesday press conference? McVay also refused to call it a concussion.

    Sounds like a sloppy coverup for something, but what? If he reported symptoms on sunday why not put him in the protocol immediately, why wait until Tuesday? Why would nobody think to tell the head coach? Can anyone even prove it was Tuesday and not Wednesday as if it was Wednesday he wouldn’t have been eligible to play on Sunday.

    Regardless, shut him down for the year.

  4. The Vikings should just shut down Darrisaw for the season because for whatever reason the concussions this year seem to be way worse for everybody involved

    2 concussions should be an automatic season ending injury

  5. How about we let the doctors who are trained in this area and actually examine the player do their jobs?

  6. He might be retiring. I’m not expecting to see him get back on a football field. I think maybe the Stafford family has arrived at the conclusion that it would be best to walk away now. Health and family come first. The team might be trying to figure out how this is all going to go down and figure out their own QB position going forward. I’m thinking we’re going to be hearing a big announcement soon.

  7. Stafford should retire. Made lots of money and won a ring. Not bad for a thoroughly average Quarterback.

  8. Lions going to get Jameson Williams + a Top 5 pick out of the Stafford deal. Rams got a Championship. Both teams won the trade.

  9. I see the Dolphins’ and Rams’ head coaches opening a sports medicine clinic. Buy a clearance for big bucks. Meanwhile they offer malpractice by the truckload.

  10. chickenbiscuit says:
    November 20, 2022 at 11:20 pm
    How about we let the doctors who are trained in this area and actually examine the player do their jobs?

    How about those doctors are paid by the teams or the league?

  11. Lets face it, player safety is all about talk, as long as the NFL can cover it up, and keep from public view they will. Money, money, money, money…

  12. primalnumber says:
    November 21, 2022 at 12:34 am
    Lions going to get Jameson Williams + a Top 5 pick out of the Stafford deal. Rams got a Championship. Both teams won the trade.

    And we all know how well the Lions do in the draft. Lol

  13. Maybe McVay is the one with the concussion — with his decision making. He is a good HC but his ego is what keeps him from being a great HC.

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