Raiders beat Broncos on Davante Adams overtime TD

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett wound up being right that “somebody has to win” Sunday’s game against the Raiders, but the result wasn’t the one Hackett was looking for.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr floated a 35-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Davante Adams to end the game in overtime. The Raiders had tied the game on a Daniel Carlson field goal late in the fourth quarter and the 22-16 win lifts them to 3-7 on the season.

Carlson’s field goal came after an inexplicable mistake by Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. The Raiders used all their timeouts ahead of the two minute warning and the Broncos had a third-and-10 on the first play after that break. Wilson had nowhere to go with the ball while scrambling and threw it away rather than take a sack that would have eaten up valuable time for the Raiders. The Raiders got the ball back with 1:43 left on the clock instead.

The Raiders had three shots to score a touchdown after a quick drive down the field, but couldn’t win the game in that spot. Carlson’s field goal sent the game to overtime and the Raiders won the toss. A 33-yard pass to tight end Foster Moreau put the Raiders across midfield and Carr hit Adams one play later to win the game.

It was Adams’ second touchdown catch of the day and he finished with seven catches for 141 yards. Carr was 23-of-37 for 307 yards and running back Josh Jacobs had 160 yards from scrimmage, including a 43-yard catch that set up the game-tying field goal.

Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby had two sacks, a forced fumble, and a blocked field goal to help the Raiders’ cause.

The Broncos made quarterbacks coach Klint Kubiak their offensive play caller on Sunday and Wilson actually had one of his best games as a Bronco. He finished 24-of-31 for 247 yards, but the final throw is the only one that’s likely to be remembered because it exemplifies the kind of poor decisions that have been a hallmark of this Broncos season. The loss drops the Broncos to the same 3-7 mark as the Raiders, but they’re in last place after losing both of their games against Las Vegas this year.

The Broncos will be in Carolina to face another disappointing team next weekend and the Raiders will get to face Wilson’s former team in Seattle.

35 responses to “Raiders beat Broncos on Davante Adams overtime TD

  1. The Denver secondary looked like the Keystone cops!
    The only thing missing was the Benny Hill theme song!

  2. The only team more pathetic than my Raiders are the Broncos so its hard to be but so happy for this. Balanced offensive approach worked again, that run game really wore out their Dline. After all that the secondary genuinely tried to blow it again, especially Webb. Btw that ref should be reprimanded for the miss call on Adams, he had every right to flip out.

  3. “Somebody has to win,” said Hackett.

    “Somebody has to get fired,” said the new Broncos ownership group.

  4. Not sure which is more false, that Russel Wilson is a future Hall of Famer or that the Denver Broncos were a ready made squad ready to contend minus a competent QB.
    Mr. Unlimited is a flat out fraud and the rest of the team was never as good as the phony narrative the talking heads would have had you believe.
    Let’s Ride indeed. Pathetic.

  5. Russell tried to shut up the talk by wearing the wristband with plays. Now he can say “I wore it…We lost…Is everyone happy now?”

  6. As a Broncos fan I am happy that the Raiders won because I believe we are one step closer to the end of the Nathaniel Hackett era. For now rejoice Raiders Nation. Next year when the Broncos have a real coach will will beat you both times.

  7. The Raiders usually poop the bed in tight games. unless theyre playing the Broncos. Its hard to believe the Raiders wanted this one more than Hackett and Wilson, but they did.

  8. YAY! I got over 5000 bucks From 25 beginning season start season. Go Russ keep losing . That’s perfect!

  9. Surprisingly, a very compelling game. Last play was what LV envisioned all year.

  10. Well, if you’re a Broncos fan the best thing you can take out of this season is knowing if you finish 4th in the AFC West you’ll get an easier schedule next year. (Which you’ll need considering you’re top 10 draft pick is gone as well as your 2nd rounder.)

  11. The Raiders are their own worst enemy. They are like the guy in the car in front of you who is driving fine with his foot on the gas and then puts on the breaks and stops at the light. He bends his head down, starts looking at his cell phone, and then only looks up after hearing the horns from behind to realize the light had changed and the cars in front of him took off a minute earlier. He then puts his foot on the floor and guns it.

  12. I honestly think if you took the best player from each franchise and put them on one team, it would be a decent team if you fired both head coaches and put Jeff Saturday in charge.

  13. Russ and the coach suck.

    Don’t care about my raiders winning. Need the top 2 draft pick to start improving.

    Beating hapless horrible broncos is not a consolation prize.

  14. It’s remarkable how the Broncos keep finding new ways to lose. They screwed up in all three phases of the game at the worst respective times.

  15. The Broncos play-calling was just terrible and boring:

    Russell Wilson always ‘fakes’ like he’s running the ball – it’s a joke. He did this in Seattle. WHY NOT do at least ONE QUARTERBACK SNEAK? Why not one? They could have used it on the their final drive.

    Just terrible play-calling. Terrible.

  16. By the way, it’s NOT Russell’s fault. Yes he’s no longer fast like 10 years ago, but he can still throw. He has a terrible offensive line and terrible play-calling.

    But his style of play cannot sustain his older body. Kyler Murray will also slow down in his late-30s.

  17. Dear Denver: you get Russell for at least 2 more years.
    Dear Las Vegas: you get Josh McDaniels for at least 2 more years
    LA Chargers: you get a fan base that doesn’t even want you
    That sound you hear are KC fans smashing beers, pretending to play street ball in the yard like Patrick Mahomes as we envision home field and contending for Championships.

  18. This was just an awful game, two bad teams fighting for 3rd place in the division.

  19. Jacobs should have gotten his 5th year option, and sadly, I have a feeling they will let him go even though he has been playing great all season. Raiders gonna Raider

  20. Fun watching all those Broncos fans who scoffed at Seahawks fans for being excited about this trade eat crow. It also never gets old rubbing it in the face of ignorant Seahawks fans who were irate about the trade and cursed Pete Carroll. I don’t know how they could watch the Seahawks for the past few years and still not be capable of seeing Wilson’s decline as his ego (and waistline) continued to grow.

  21. Given the fact that the Raiders have a new HC, new system, several key players out, never lost by more than one score and have still had 17 point leads on 3 different teams including KC indicates they’ve simply been off balance. With a few starters back, they can literally beat any team moving forward.

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