Ravens move to 7-3 with 13-3 win over Panthers

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
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It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t impressive. But a win is a win is a win, and the Ravens will proudly hang their 13-3 victory over the Panthers in the win column.

The game was tied 3-3 after three quarters, but the Ravens outscored the Panthers 10-0 in the fourth quarter.

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker hit a 37-yard field goal to go with his 32-yarder on the final play of the first half, and Lamar Jackson scored the game’s only touchdown on a 1-yard run with 7:16 left.

Jackson went 24-of-33 for 209 yards with an interception. Panthers defensive lineman Bravvion Roy made the pick in the first half. Jackson ran for 31 yards on 11 carries.

Ravens receiver Demarcus Robinson caught nine passes for 128 yards, and Kenyan Drake ran for 46 yards on 10 carries.

Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield completed 21 of 33 passes for 196 yards and two fourth quarter interceptions. Marlon Humphrey and Jason Pierre-Paul both had picks as the Panthers were trying to rally.

The Panthers gained only 205 yards.

11 responses to “Ravens move to 7-3 with 13-3 win over Panthers

  1. I imagine we will see pj walker again. Wow!! That $30M per year the browns offered mayfield and he thought was an insult is continues to get farther and farther away. I actually feel bad for him.

  2. Business as usual for your 2022 Super Bowl Champs. Bye week rustiness, we’ll keep building.

  3. Insane run by Lamar that got called back.
    Woulda been a career highlight for anyone else.

  4. Coming off a bye and barely beating a turrible team.
    Sure, that’s the mark of an eventual Super Bowl champion..

  5. Lamar Jackson actually played like a starting QB instead of a RB masquerading as one and is STILL horrible! Now do you see why he’s not worth wasting money on a new contract!!

  6. It’s literally the same story and sequence every year. 1st few games, when Lamar beats up on some terrible defenses: Lamar is the MVP! He’s the greatest QB in the league! He really worked on his throwing mechanics this offseason and has changed! Then, reality sets in. By game 10, he’s back to being one of the worst throwers in the league, still struggling to make reads, tucking and running under any hint of pressure, and not able to make throws outside the numbers or into tight coverage. Again, I don’t dislike Lamar, I just don’t think he’s a good QB. And yet again we’re seeing this week in and week out. Even Ravens fans have realized they can’t keep up with the delusional narrative any more.

  7. W and 1st place in the division as usual. What is the point of judging Lamar after every single game? He’s going to get some good runs and miss same passes. We all know this. What else is new? It’s not a QB competition, it’s a team competition and his team won.

  8. Not a bad day for Lamar coming off a bad stomach bug.
    As Tony Siragusa said- “There’s no such thing as an ugly win.”

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