Samaje Perine’s three touchdown catches help Bengals beat Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Bengals didn’t have much of a running game today in Pittsburgh. They also didn’t have their top wide receiver. But they did have a running back who put up big receiving numbers.

Bengals backup running back Samaje Perine caught four passes for 52 yards and three touchdowns today as Cincinnati beat Pittsburgh 37-30.

Perine had his big game at a time when the Bengals very much needed it, as the running game couldn’t get anything going even before starting running back Joe Mixon was lost with a concussion, and star wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase is still out with a hip injury.

But between Perine and Tee Higgins, who caught nine passes for 148 yards, the Bengals got enough from their offensive skill position players, and Joe Burrow ended up with 355 passing yards and four touchdowns, while also throwing two interceptions.

There were some bright spots for the Steelers: T.J. Watt is back and healthy, and he played an excellent game, with a spectacular interception and a half-sack. And George Pickens continues to look like a very promising young receiver in Pittsburgh, despite dropping a potential touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter and then getting ejected for unnecessary roughness on the Steelers’ last-gasp onside kick with 44 seconds left.

The Steelers’ loss drops them to 3-7 on the season, and this is looking like it will be one of the Steelers’ worst seasons in the last half-century. The Bengals improve to 6-4 as they continue to pursue a return to the playoffs.

31 responses to “Samaje Perine’s three touchdown catches help Bengals beat Steelers

  1. Congrats first and foremost to the Bengals! Good teams take advantage of the opportunities giving to them. Giving opportunities because of undisciplined penalties killing momentum drives is the Steelers M-O this year. Make a great play on a long pass on a 3rd and 4 to end up acouple plays later 3rd and 25. The Steelers could’ve won this game but shoot themselves in the foot. And when you are versing a good team with a great QB like Burrow, how many times can you play with fire. Ride or die with my Steelers but congrats to the Bengals, all the suffering you guys have went through to end up with Burrow is well deserved.

    There’s positives to build off this game for next year. Pickett and Pickens are a great duo in the making. TJ Watt in the line up will always make the defence tough to play against.

    See ya next week Colts on Monday night.

  2. To the couple classy Steelers fans: There’s a lot of promise with that team. Good game.
    To footballfan23, pittsburghbedarned, and the classless mouths that said the Steelers would win: bwa hahahaha! Burrow SMOKED you! A pick off a deflection and an amazing play by Watt is the only flaw in Burrow’s game. Better go troll another team. Y’all lost. Bet you ain’t got the guts to accept the loss like men.

  3. I was hoping Pittsburgh could hang a loss on them but that was wishful thinking. There is a log jam at 6-4, 7-3 in he AFC and any loss for the Bengals is a good one for me.

  4. Dang. 4thQ Joe Burrow was like,,”no no- I’ll win this right now”!!
    BTW there are classy steelers fans. You were gracious but your team was playing a little dirty towards the end..not cool

  5. Congrats to Chue w/ his usual good sportsmanship. Might want to check your grammar next time, though, bro.

  6. Congratulations to the three win Steelers and their wonderful fans, most of whom left the game in the middle of the second half. Too bad because you missed a terrific garbage time touchdown and a cheap shot from Pickens which got him thrown out of tr game.

  7. If you told me a split at the beginning of the year, I’d take it. It’s a split. Good enough.

  8. Congratulations to the three win Steelers and their wonderful fans, most of whom left the game in the middle of the second half. Too bad because you missed a terrific garbage time touchdown and a cheap shot from Pickens which got him thrown out of the game.

  9. Steeler fans really are having doubts that stubby fingers is a long term solution at quarterback.

  10. Secondary is beyond Terrible for years. Get a real coach in there to get
    secondary coverage guys that actually cover. Bye Edmunds bye maulet. Please draft a real Cb and put Sutton back in his natural position

  11. I’d really like to find out what team TimTebowGodoffootball actually roots for. Seems to wallow in Steelers losses. Strange way to show a shallow life.

  12. George Pickens …getting ejected for unnecessary roughness


    Steelers certainly have a type at reciever don’t they?

  13. grant35 says:
    November 20, 2022 at 8:13 pm
    I’d really like to find out what team TimTebowGodoffootball actually roots for. Seems to wallow in Steelers losses. Strange way to show a shallow life.


    The ravens. Team we beat up last year twice.

  14. evss says:
    November 20, 2022 at 7:46 pm
    3-7 lol.


    One of those 3 is against the bengals. Embarrassing

  15. This was an actual post….
    footballer23 says:
    November 20, 2022 at 7:11 pm
    Bungles about to get swept. Pickett is proving he is a better QB than Burrow. Burrow 2 picks already. Break out the brooms. Don’t mess with the Steel City!!
    You honestly cannot make this up! I’m sure he’s out there right now trolling other teams. Then he’ll have his mommy make him some warm cocoa and tell him stories of how good the Steelers used to be. Nighty night. Bwa hahahahaha!!!!

  16. I gotta believe Chue is a Gen Z Bungles fan & hasn’t been around for what has been an absolute miserable generation of losing. Not to mention 2 SB appearances/losses in about 40 yrs. Good luck waiting around for another 20 yrs for Cincy to get past Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, Herbert etc.

  17. The Bengals path to the post season is razor thin, with a very tough stretch schedule. Today was a great step to getting back in the conversation.

  18. evss says:
    3-7 lol.
    It happens to everyone…
    It hasn’t happened to the Steelers in over 50 years
    6 Lombardis
    Best record since the merger
    We’ll take it

  19. Pickens with the typical Steeler try to draw a foul noise. These Bengals aren’t biting, buddy.

  20. grant35 says:
    November 20, 2022 at 8:36 pm
    1) Try to get something new. “Bungles” simply shows your lack of creativity. It’s probably something you heard once, thought how brilliant it was changing a letter, and have been using it since. It’s about as smart as I’m guessing you are.
    2) Already got past Mahomes. Remember last year’s AFC Championship Game? Or is your memory that of a goldfish?
    3) If you want to try to quote football history, you may want to actually try and get it right. The Bengals have been to three Super Bowls. But it was a nice try at the retort. You just have too many flaws to string together an intelligent rebuttal. Try again when you think you’re capable.

  21. I think the root of the problems for the Steelers looks like coaching. That’s not saying it means Tomlin should be dismissed, but clearly the coaches under him are not performing at a high level. Matt Canada, first and foremost. Penalties, not lining up correctly, poor execution all can too easily be pinned on players, but coaches are there teach and direct putting players in a position to succeed. Tomlinson constant adherence to ‘Continuity’ is a tired statement. He’s sacrificing possible success in favor of below par continuity. He needs to rebuild his coaching staff while the new GM drives the point hone to the scouting department to find better quality players on the O-line and D-line.

  22. Sorry – I forgot Cincy lost THREE times in the SB. And yes you got past Mahomes. But lost. Again. Good luck w/ the Super Bowl hangover and your porous O line.

  23. The AI on Madden would adjust to someone running the SAME PLAY multiple times. Yet, the vaunted, “Coach T Tough” defensive gave up the same exact play without making any adjustments. Even when they win, it’s painful.

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